8 DEADLY Minecraft Traps in 1.14 (Comments to Crafting Recipes #7)

We took all your suggestions on last week’s comments to crafting… …recipes! And we used them to make a whole bunch of… …DEADLY Minecraft traps for today’s video. From landmines… …to fake exploding ore… …to even a Thwomp. *Chuckle* We’ve got some awesome stuff to check out today. First up is… The landmine. This is courtesy of Elijah Amisial that says “Landmine you’ll craft it with… …1 TNT in the middle, 1 pressure plate on top… …and 2 gunpowder on sides.” So put the pressure plate AND… there is our landmine. This thing… …is highly dangerous. When placed and stepped on, it will activate. But there’s still ways to escape its deadly explosion. “You can escape by dropping an item on it and running away.” “Traps can be broken by breaking the… …block underneath!” them. So, if you wanted to get this trap back… …you would break the block underneath it. For now though… Let me show how it looks like when you trigger it. The light will actually turn on. Now, if we were to… step away at this moment, this baby would blow up. Instead, we’re gonna use Elijah’s comment to keep us safe. For now. Because the moment that item

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  1. A dragon that will ride on your back and set nerve by players on fire.you can get one by getting blessed by an endear man

  2. Lol can you plese add dragon's poop
    To craft it you need one poop in the top middle and a dragons egg below the poop To make the poop lol you have to sneak a lot and eventually you will get…. poop………oh and by the way you can make up what the dragon's poop does so have fun…eeereeeeeeeeeeeeee pleeeeeese make iiiiiittttytt!!!!!!!!??!!!!!##@$$:€!!!!!!!!!

  3. A Neko spawner egg

    You'll need a ocelot spawner egg and
    A Zombie spawner egg

    Then you put two nether stars

    Now you put them in a star formation

  4. Toothless the dragon from how to train your dragon crafting resiipe is one dragon egg in the middle 6 black dye 1 red dye on the bottom left for his red left tail fin. It spawns and when toothless spawns you have to tame him with fish and then after when he is tamed you can put a saddle on him then you can fly him and he has a cool ability and it is to fire plasma shots that explode and spawn lighting cus toothless is a night fury and a night fury is The unholy offspring of lightning and death itself. Pls add I think this would be great for your next video about dragon and I think it would be awesome cus toothless is my most favourite dragon hands down and thank you if so add this to the next weeks episode and I will be extremely proud that someone would add this thx. Also toothless would also act like a dog and protect you till the end and will be the players best friend forever.

  5. god dragon:

    first you need suns. to craft suns you need 9 fire charges

    after that you put one dragon egg in the middle and suns surrounding it

  6. A exsplodelbel egg a dragen egg on top a TNT block under the TNT is a disper u can summen the enderdagen and exsplod the block that u look at

  7. Dragon elytra :

    ○ ■ ○

    ○: dragon breath potion
    □: dragon head
    ■: elytra
    The elytra repairs itself when flying near an end crystal while the player regenerates health and gets buff. player Takes damage if end crystal is broken while the beam is connected (just like the ender dragon) while endermen attacks players even when not provoked.

  8. Make dragon helmets that have this crafting recipe:
    Crafted by
    Iron ingot.nothing.diamond
    Dragon head.dragon breath,coal
    Nothing.nothing.lava bucket

    Can let u breathe fire at mobs and coal as the fire and lava to make it burn blocks and mobs
    But will give u slowness 1000 forever when breathing fire and ks unbreakable

    Sorry, if it was soooooo loooooooooooooooooong!!!!!!!!!!! Bye LODOTZUP Haha lol LODOTZUP

  9. Dragon scale armour:

    To get dragon scales you need to put 32 phantom membranes and 32 pieces of end stone in the crafting table
    You get 8 dragon scales every time you do this
    0=d. Scale
    1=d.armour piece of choice. When it's on, endermen are your friendermen (LDZ reference) even if you attacc them.when you sneak you spawn endermen that you can command to either gather all wood blocks nearby,(only works in overworld),gather all ores(works everywhere that thers ores) Or attacc all nearby mobs you only sneakonce4these
    Left click is harvest Right click is attacc
    0 0 0
    0 1 0
    0 0 0
    Hold sneak and left click to fly,you're not effected by harmful effects when you wear this armour and if you attacc a mob it instantly dies

  10. Dragon Killer
    You Need A Dragon Egg In The Middle And A Dragon Head Next to the dragon egg on the left and and then you need 7 diamond sword
    When you get next to it it summons a ender dragon and in 1 Minute the Dragon Dies And You Get 50 Level No Matter What

  11. Instead of a recipe, there should be a place where you get different dragons.

    E.g: A 3 by 3 ring of lava and in the middle a piece of netherrack, then you put the dragon egg on top of the netherrack and wait for a full Minecraft day to finish.
    Sleeping also speeds up the process.

    I’ve been watching your channel for years so I hope you can see this. 👍🏼

  12. Put the dragon egg in the middle of the crafting table and a diamond pickaxe next to it (side does not matter) and you will get a cracked egg and after a at least 5 minutes a baby dragon will spawn and you can tame it with ender pearls

  13. more heads dropped by being exploded by charged creepers. you can craft spawn eggs with the head and it's drop's. then you can use them in an an anvil to make jockey spawn eggs.

  14. ghast s fire ball :

    crafting : blaze powder in the middle
    and gun poweder on blaze powder

    you right click fire ball on the ground then it spawns a fireball then you punch it or right click it then its fly away . ( you can set fireball where should it go but you can only use it once) when fireball touches any object it will be explode and make everywhere on fire

  15. Dragon Missile Crafting recipe: 3 Dispensers in the middle, 2 TNT on each side of the top dispenser, 2 Fireworks on each side of the bottom dispenser, 2 Ender Pearl's in the middle.
    Purpose: Like TNT, only you can control where it goes and when it blows up, as well as spawning the Ender Dragon.

  16. Three redstone on the left side a lever in between the redstone and the dragon head next to the lever and boom done

  17. Pls make a exploding name tag when u name something it will make a barier around a player and explodes the people around u and makes u invinsable to explosion so u can't care about creepers and u can get it back from right clicking above u and u just get and normal name tag back and a red stone recipe: just a name tag and a tnt and a redstone and a campfire

  18. Dragon Trap
    Recipe: Dragon Egg in center, End Stone all around.
    It will detect entities that move over it. When an entity walks over it, a cage made out of end stone will appear around the mob that triggered the trap.
    In that cage, there will be a small version of the ender dragon that will shoot fireballs at them from above the cage. Once all the mobs are dead, the cage will disappear and you will get the trap back.

  19. The lightning dragon if an enderdragon gets hit with lightning it tirns into the lightning dragon and has lightning balls

  20. Bodyguard potion:100% invincibility to all potion effects
    Crafting recipe:speed potion+healing potion+potion of strength+3 enchanted golden apples(in crafting table!)
    If not in next vid can you make it in the vid after that? Thx;)

  21. Superbone gives dogs superpowers for five minutes. You would craft it with a bone in the middle with blue wool, 2 diamonds, and five obsidian.

  22. Nether dragon crafting recepie Dragon egg and surround it with netherack go in the nether place the egg down and wait for 1 minute and boooooom

  23. Plz do the elemental abylits, water =bucket of water and heart of the sea, fire =bucket of lava and whither skeleton skull, ground = super compressed cobblestone (9 compressed cobblestone [9 cobblestone in the crafting table] in the crafting table) and bedrock pice, end air: gigantic bottle(9 bottles in the crafting table) and Elyria.

  24. The oofer dragon first you need a crystal use one dragons breath and four totem of undying you know the Portal 2 back to the Overworld right use dirt blocks instead of bedrock then BBBAAAMMM!!!!! The dragon has a roblox noob head and the skin color is yellow not black p.s. Ur da best yter ever!! 🙂 🙂

  25. redstones command block

    1. command block
    2. redstone
    3. no item

    3 2 3
    2 1 2
    3 2 3
    its like a command block but it's activate any redstone at the time

  26. Oh boy there we go Pet baby dragon you need a nest to hatch the egg you need 3 wheat and put em like a bowl you get a nest you throw the dragon egg on it it hatches in about as long as turtle eggs hatch and you get a Pet baby dragon the babys also have puppy eyes but when they grow up they get dragon eyes and there is a small chance you will get twins

  27. Mimics:
    You can craft it with 8 wooden planks surrounding a staxk of rotten flesh. That Creates chest form.

    Barrel form:
    You Need 6 wooden planks and put 3 on top, 3 on the bottom, And place 3 totten flesh spread across the middle.

    There is also door form. 3 planks on the right and left and 1 on top. And then 2 rotten flesh spread on the rest.

  28. Dragons Head in the middle, Electra underneath and dragon's breath in a pants shape around it to make a Dragon Wingsuit, allows player to fly and glide and shoot dragons breath as projectiles

  29. Morphing into dragons. Dragon egg surrounded with Steve heads and put in chest slot to turn into dragons. New buttons for fireballs /special attacks

  30. And I almost for got it will stay at ur head and will eat every hostile mobs but what they use will drop and ur wither storm will get bigger and bigger until it's in destroyer mode and next unstopabble mode pls make it

  31. Make a ender dragon armor craft them with dragon egg teleport you when hit and as stronger than diamond armor

  32. Dragon cubincker will hatch a Dragon egg. you craft it with stone in the shape of pants with the top 2 corners missing and a Redstone lamp at the bottom. you put the egg in and wait 1 day and a baby Dragon comes.

  33. the psychic dragon! this dragon has a purple flame breath with a power that can make his opponent/prey having different effects and it can move it wherever it wants. and just like the ender men, if you look in it's eyes, it is going to turn very aggressive and start attacking you continuously. but, it has a weekness, if it is in fire it will get dizzy and attack somewhere else. this dragon is going to be purple in colour and it will have green eyes. please like Logdotzip can see.

  34. Sky dragon 4 feathers 1 dragon head in the middle and 4 elytra in the corner there powers is to levitate breath and they can float certain blocks

  35. a deactivater! works like a lever but can use in hand. receipe is: 1 lever 5 gunpowder and chopped off hand to get is there is a 30 in 4 chance of zombies dropping.

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