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hello everybody and welcome back to the atomic robo hotel so today's episode has been sponsored by a wonderful member of the community by the name of eleven and because of their generosity today's episode is a huntress an ad-free for the first 24 hours so thank you very much for that in the last episode we worked on getting ourselves another six rooms up and running for our hotel not a whole lot of time passed obviously we did have time ticking but for the most part I did end up a lot of it paused while we were getting all this designed out which turned out to look like a bell not really a part of the plan but it happened so that's gonna be built up today we already seen you get all the furniture we need to get our hygiene related stuff we got a spacecraft go ahead and select all of them it's just this one cargo pods is well dates we can get those in because more food is more good we have new guests and right now they are the only guests so welcome we also got ourselves three new robots we have flight gamer anger and dragon so they are gonna be helping but now we do have a dedicated miner so we have slate coming in sleep right now is a huge huge issue because we need slate for a lot of the PABs that we got going on we have slate for these boarders but just not a lot of sleep coming in so it's in the works we also started our peyote harvest which we are waiting for it to all finish we could change it out for a different crop and then we also have other crops that are on there Wow more cargo food we'll take that no point leaving it we also got mending up and running so that's gonna be going and getting all this clothing fixed it's already done it's that way we can sell those in the stores as well what I would like to do today we also have been working through research we got sterile materials up and running and what I want to test is we are going to just reinstall this I was told I missed this door here so you can have that what I want to try is we have more floors of plastic floors why did that rot away there should not be oh I know why it's a lot of stuff to fix that expand I know why even though we set this up properly it didn't technically set it up properly that is under our raw resources there's some things in here that aren't technically plant material which is not allowed that do still rot and wart is that under manufactured corn wort so we don't want that creative beer that should be fine right smash probably rocks stout wort rots under still vodka I don't know if that would ROG yeah there's certain things that rot that I really wish there was a way just be like if anything rots turn it off if anything doesn't rot then it goes into the sori it anything does rot it goes into the stockpiles of you know refrigerated stuff but it's just yeah it's kind of stupid that we don't have that type of control we have another group of guests coming in as well so that's nice so you guys want to buy our stuff eh we are getting sales money is actually going up pretty nice so we are making some good cash out of this obviously I'm not paying too much attention we don't have the messages up top you know what while things aren't super crazy let's actually show that so we want purchase notifications as we get more guests this will just be information overload but for now we've got to get kind of get a gauge on how much selling is actually happening because right now we don't really notice oh and actually they were buying up lavish meals pretty well which makes sense you would think that they would buy the best available but that's good so we could see what they are actually buying and when they buy over here we'll wait for those floors get done we don't need that we don't need that if we have another group of visitors we will have to kick them out for now I do want to get our new refrigerated section up in row yes plasteel floor so we're gonna put one here because it doesn't make it clear if it's here it says but never gets dirty I don't know exactly what that means cuz there's a different there's a couple different ways that dirt happens you get people tracking dirt around where you know there's third on their body and then they drop it and then there's also dirt that's created so butchering creates dirt and surgeries create you know dirt by dirt I mean blood just things like filth anything that creates filth in any way 36 okay so we are getting some sales so we'll get this built in see with butchering if that tile does actually stay properly clean by itself because it might also be done on a long tick or something so every I think a long tick is twenty two hundred and fifty ticks it might self clean itself I'm actually not completely sure I think a long tick is 250 ticks which is obviously 60 ticks per second and so that would be every couple seconds it would clean itself another sale can okay oh they'll just quite a bit of coconuts and that's being moved cool okay nope sorry yep we got pickup and hole now so things are yeah they're picking up and moving stuff around can we not build this not a sign of construction hey Ryan wearing a full-on winter gear in the middle of summer you think it might be a good idea not to do that drop that drop that you got a mohawk for a reason because it looks cool so you can show that off and we can also do allow all because those would be not allowed what else would be on the mat I'll probably injured stuff or dead animals rather Ryan can you come and build this please so we get sure that works soon so we can get this made and now we want to butcher some things so wildlife and that works we have animals committing that was kind of convenient timing okay so how is this work got fire visitor oh that's a problem oh it's all from one group one two three four five six we're still at six so we're good are you gonna butcher when you're done that can you prioritize butchering please drop those drop drop drop because now we have dedicated haulers that should be less of an issue having those just dropped on the ground what is that Oh coconuts looks like looks like piles of turds and you didn't do what I said butcher Oh God can you pull that get it off of that tile so we could actually see properly okay fine I'll let you do stuff for a sec right wait why do you keep putting stuff on I might have to disable him because I don't want them wearing tribal head pieces although the social impact is good it just looks kind of silly honestly drop that hut not Hall butcher okay how's this work did we get blood and you're consuming that's fine just make sure we're not getting anyone cleaning for a minute we actually probably closed the doors oh we don't have a table up here for you yet okay so there is blood yes so is that I think it might end up self-cleaning on the long tick so Dayton I'm gonna get you out of here for a sec we're gonna lock actually we don't the unlock that we could lock that and then I'll let you stand here for a sec we're gonna let a little bit more dirt happen here and then I need you to don't touch nothing get out lock lock you're free to go let's see if that'll self clean there's two bits of blood there I want to say that it'll just make it so people won't drop dirt they're leaving okay that's fine just make sure guess why is yep that's good so we don't need that so it's not looking self-cleaning war merchants as well um yeah it's not self-cleaning so I want to say it just stops people from being able to track dirt on top of it but any filth actually created will still exist okay good to know good to know because there's a huge difference we are not gonna be spending that much resources rather buy a lot of stuff now we're not spending that much class steel for a floor that's not gonna self clean because the amount of dirt being tracked around isn't a big deal overall because we do have doormats and stuff that is going to help quite a bit with that so I saw clean now because someone obviously is coming in cleaning stuff okay yeah we don't need to worry about that we'll keep that one there for now I know we won't no we won't we'll switch it out for stone slabs and war merchants so we don't really need anything that you have I don't think what we should probably do is set up an auto buy rule we're gonna buy components that way we could keep up with them and we are gonna want to buy up to four now probably a hundred if we can because it does go pretty quick and it who knows how often we're gonna be able to get a lot of components so we're gonna want that and we're also gonna be waiting out for preferably good one cheap ones rather so we're gonna buy components and we're gonna want to not add that at a new filter we're gonna want that item price level we can go that that and not normal you'll see if we get cheap ones because we should be able to so we can accept that and then along with that we also need to get ourselves an orbital trader or sorry I guess the columns cost so up and running that's under miscellaneous it's different there it is that way we can actually you know get orbital traders now that we're going to be selling stuff to them but we will use them for buying there is going to be a rule where we and buy stuff from them based on these amount of stuff we sell to them so if we sell like 2000 silver worth of stuff then obviously we're gonna be able to buy that stuff as well but we're not gonna be selling them wait now if we bide like 2000 stuff from them then we could sell them stuff as well actually no that's not gonna work either yeah no because that's not gonna be a part of the rules because that would mean trade beacons and stockpiles and that's not acceptable so they're just for buying is there anything else in here that's useful nope so we can well another thing we could do now that we have this available is we can call and invite people for a visit so if we want to like if we finish up and we should probably or disconnect we should probably get going on this cuz it's almost done once this is complete and if we want to bring more guests in we can invite them they'll come within a couple days so we can kind of encourage more guests that way along with this we also want floor not florist fence oh yeah we can't get steel fences which is something I want we got to get some others manufacturing related Tech done yeah that's I like that as a boarder probably something like marble would have been a nicer color cuz it's dark on dark on dark it's not the best combo there but we can look at changing that out later if we find a way to get marble we'd probably just buy it large so you got 39 there okay so what we need is we can get our power and all of our logistics related stuff here so power for one conduit so we can run perimeter then down center probably would be the most logical way to go oops I'll have that cleaned up oh god that's one problem with all these walls it's a nightmare to set up conduits because it's not just nice clean straight lines and then down center and that should reach everything just fine get rid of that one we're gonna need hygiene plumbing steel now this one's a bit trickier so we need one coming in from over here that's obviously where our hygiene is and that can run there up to that one that's gonna be running into that one and then we also need one going this way for that washroom and that should be enough where we have something to work off of along with that we also need more pipe work now this is one it's kind of frustrating cuz how are we gonna run our ugly-ass not I'm gonna look at a way I'm gonna see what I can do it's probably outside my skill range but I'm gonna see how other mods have made certain pipes invisible and conduits invisible conduits is probably the best one because that's just a mod on its own so I don't have to try to filter through a whole bunch of other stuff but I'll see how that's doing invisibility and see if I can apply it to these as well we have a party yeah that's fine I'm not sure if that's something I'm gonna be able to do because again that's gonna be using actual code and not just xlm file editing most likely which is kind of my skill level but I'll see what I can do to make that invisible because especially like right now how the hell do we get that to go across the river and not look like ass not really a good way but I'll see what I can do about that so for now I guess run it on the bridge right across here it's gonna be terrible will will do this for now I'll see what I can do also I'm gonna have to change this because I don't want that building a vanilla bridge that's going to need to get deconstructed and we're gonna want I guess an extension of these and we'll put a fence on that and probably the boardwalk as well for this side and then maybe also deconstruct that and we can have ourselves a highway barrier on that instead that way we have kind of post-its already occupied can I not do those together it's probably it's fine it's fine it's probably most likely just to build jobs at the same time so we got yes and we are good yeah we're fine we've got the capacity and then we're also gonna need it on this side as well so I can go in there that can get deconstructed we're gonna want the deep one as well now that that's done that can run across there and that actually just up let's stop get done Ryan stop being impatient no wrong thing come on give me the right thing thank you okay I'll let them finish before I start up again not more chests we don't need chests and they'll that's fine and eclipse that's fine I don't know why that got destroyed but I can go back in that's wrong so it would be a boardwalk and that needs to go across can you stop failing on stuff please and we also need our pipes and conduits as well so I'll wait for that to get done before we around with other stuff so we got hygiene steel plumbing so these are invisible I'm not worried about them we need our power conduits also invisible and I think yeah it doesn't have a problem with me building those together that's not a problem so once that's done then we get a wood fence okay will oh that's a problem these don't technically change the the floor designation under it so we can't put a fence on that so does that mean I'm gonna be stuck using the vanilla bridge what if let's try something what if we put down even it's gonna this is gonna be weird what if we put down a vanilla bridge will it let us do it you can't do vanilla bridge on deep water either what then how did what's it doing with that a bridge what comes our we're gonna let that do that cancel that aids whatever but will it let us boardwalk on top of this bridge it is an ugly bridge you don't realize it's ugly till yeah like even this isn't early great either honestly no it will not so what do we do about this and we have Idol okay so um seems that's gonna be a problem let's mine out and clean up a few things so I can go that can go we'll clean that up we can do an allow all four things around its mind that bit of still there you can get rid of that we just need some chunks without digging strip mines or anything and come in clean that up a bit as well we'll probably get rid of that whole thing eventually what do we do about this situation so I can go in and mod because I know I can make it so fences can have no terrain requirement so we could just place them because I've done it with floors before that's not a very challenging thing these floors how did those work over that so these we go over the boardwalk I'll probably deconstruct them I do really want fences and that lets that doesn't let me do fences either have these been changed because I've done fences on bridges many many a times in the past so I want to say that it's actually fine it's just they updated to be weird so Allah I guess I'll go mod that so that the fences don't have a terrain requirement that way we don't have stupid like this ok that's fine ok I'm gonna remove bridge ok so now that I got a couple things that I got to remember I'm gonna have to write this down or else I'm gonna forget so notepad don't need that one sorry give me a sec we can run that quick as well that way they can go and do stuff so that was make fences make fences all and also hay ok we could do they see invisible and I should remember that fairly well because I should know what those mean that way we can do our fences so that means we can do a boardwalks gonna let us go over the whole thing so so what's the point of using a deep-water bridge that's only allowed over deepwater if we have a boardwalk that lets us over anything why am i using three different bridges here oh my god there's some logical inconsistencies now that sounds crazy can I put a fence on this I can well for fuck's sake yeah give me all of this deconstruct give me all of this get the out of here we're using boardwalks for everything because boardwalks will let us do exactly what we want without maude things I have no idea why it's like that but whatever yeah yeah yeah oh that's so silly it really is thank you all in one go now huh so it's building a bridge under the board that's because the boardwalks technique oh I have no idea what the hell's going on with that mod but that might also end up causing a problem for the fence still cuz that's technically a floor it seems and not an actual thing but it is technically an item but that's also you can make it so that just doesn't get clickable as well so let's cancel that for a sec we got a we got to do a test here because there's some consistencies whoops so fence doesn't let me do a period boardwalk put one right there in deep so if we get that built get that built and it puts a bridge under it can I put a fence on top of that no because we need the tree okay so I still need to mob died so the reason you wouldn't want to use boardwalks is to avoid the Bridgette the bridge looking part right there because the other one that what the I didn't do that that one doesn't build a bridge underneath just get that built so we can see how the looks different actually we probably should have that there because this might and now that doesn't let me you cannot lay a flooring on top of a bridge but yet we can do that which builds a floor – fuck's sake there is no logical consistency going on here where's this boom rat right there we're gonna need to get some weapons for people can you mail a please I know it's a bad idea fluff bots getting there can we get for that extra in for please yeah we're gonna have a bit of a fire thing going on here but it's fine you guys really suck at fighting back off you can do rescue oh that works too you guys are good to go do what you need to do we can clean coolant I don't really want to blow up here ball had the weapon as well we just want you to bleed out you're not gonna bleed out you'll eventually just get up that's fine and that's almost done let's go ahead and get these deck okay we actually start to figure this one out so for now I guess we'll go with the bridge we'll put that in like that and that shouldn't have any problems long term I don't think we're gonna want to cancel the ones on here or else that I'll remove these and we want that going back there yeah there's some weird logical things inconsistencies going on that's not to get ya deconstructed Dayton can you come in not a constructor Hyrum I don't know where you are but can you come do this please that way we can get that on there as well and then that needs to get deconstructed that way we can do a new one in that spot instead yeah see I like the the look of the actual bridge it makes it look elevate instead of just a floor over the water because that's essentially what these are is just a floor over water and the way that they're made because I know that because I've done that myself for other mods that way for other series rather the time lapses that way I can do floors on bridges which is more lots of floors on bridges and just floors for bridges but there we go so we can't do anything else with that we gotta get our the power and everything did go improperly I know we did a lot of weird stuff there power yes and we want just make sure that's completely connected yes and we also want our hygiene pipe yes okay so that's everything went in fine so over here we're gonna need some lights so we're gonna have a light outside each door and then we'll add extra ones based on where it's still a little bit on the dark side like in the middle there's definitely gonna need one we're going to probably need one here but we'll wait till it's all in then we'll have a light on the inside and also another one and then also by the washroom doors I can go there I can go there and this will do one there as well there and I want one that can actually go at the back here and that go there washroom needs one washroom needs one you can have one at the back you can have one back here I think that's everything that should be fairly well lit I hope and we're going to check power 2 because we are consuming quite a bit again I probably just get another geothermal up and not worry about it exotic goodtrader oh one thing that we do need is training behavior we have to set it up to do AI trading for us so Ryan's gonna be doing all a I trading and he should go and do our buying and selling or sorry I just buying for us okay and then we need a light on the inside as well cuz each bedroom gets two lights there there I know we don't necessarily need it but to make sure everything's well lit for you guys I do the same here no I never did get that second one in I didn't get them all in I got some of them I just missed one okay I don't feel so bad about that then okay so it's good so we still need a ton of slate the slates gonna take a little bit to come in we could get oh god we're getting a bit of lag at times for speed okay you guys are doing a bunch of corn so I should come in fairly quick so and that's good never did get this done yet we need the slate for that that's good we're gonna need furniture in here so we can grab you can't actually use coffee on the bed so furniture did we get any other types of double bed we can get research for furniture oops bed a basic furniture that is already done complex furniture is already done and we have artisan and modern furniture options so that is an ergonomic double bed and then this is just other fancy stuff I'm assuming modern would be what we are looking for here so they'll get that researched in the meantime we can get our washrooms set up I guess now actually that's a bit of a problem because we need something other than slate for our material now we could do them out of Steel we got steel in here it doesn't look bad or anything so we'll do them out of steel that way we're not using the exact same colors the floor I guess it doesn't really matter how these go in so we could have a he or should are there are there are there and I'm trying to plan all the items that go in here all at the same time my brains like uh it seems like a good spot okay and then we have the rest of the hygiene wheel just do like this I was also told and something I didn't know if we go Basin steel actually you know what we how much iron would we have but yeah tab makes it so it minimizes the information without unstuck in the tool I didn't actually know that is a useful thing for especially things where like production that could get up to like here we can select it and then just minimize it I didn't know that was the thing it but it does have its uses so thank you for the person that told me that I don't remember who was though and very terrible with remembering that either way we get our steel now Ironwood how much do we got I can't check it like that not enough did okay so that doesn't matter so we just want to steal so we could have our sink right there then we're gonna use and sorry a shower in a tub there we can have that one right there go right beside it right beside it and we got our shower we got visitors how are we forgets nobody good well not really good but it's not a big deal tough you go in that back corner help you go beside that tuck you go into that corner so I might move that a little bit although we can do that right there and have a plant pot there I might still move that right there and we still need a shower do that right there that's all of them I kind of did that a little scattery oh why you guys just bought a bunch of stuff nice and our money you were up about seven hundred since last I look which is also quite nice and then bathtub we could do that as steel I thought one could go right there right there that's looking a little bit more of a compact washroom that one can go there and there and we're going to want flowerpots as well we can't do slate obviously what we could do is Evan wood or just evany Evan wood is from terraria but Evan E is a dark slate colored slate ish we're using it in here aren't we yes now how much do we have absolute ton actually you know what our next building will probably do out of Ebony then yeah so we get a plant plant plant fall has begun I actually haven't been paying too much attention to our food stockpile because we didn't really plan on growing see this is the propagate well it's fall let's get a rice harvest coming because rice is the only thing that has a chance to even finish in time so let's do that but nothing else is gonna get resewn this is why I like can I please have all of all of them except for that please no sewing because we don't want that replanted that's the problem with not having year-round growing is things just take forever to grow and then you only get like one harvest per year we've been doing this since spring started and it's just finishing up I know that makes logical sense but this is why I don't like winter but it's fine yeah can you stop that and do rice or plants whatever tobacco we may not even finish all these it's kind of sad whatever it happens food wise though what are we looking at our wheat ouch we have a ship down to simple meals but we are gonna be cutting it kind of close in terms of well you don't have veggies simple meals will be able to keep up with but yeah I just didn't really think too much about that until I seen fall I'm like oh yeah we aren't doing any food this year because I didn't think we'd need it I guess you guys are fine we don't need that that or that if we have to we can also buy food but we can also just do mass hunting and cook up some steaks and stuff which isn't a huge issue either see you being greedy and eating three meals out of time makes things go away quick okay we also need plumbing getting redone so I may as well wrap the round here because that's gonna need it for both that's gonna need to come down here that's gonna be connected up to there we have our modern furniture done so we could start doing the other things this can come down here and right there that can just come into there and get both of those that's gonna be all okay so how do these beds look is that in here yes it is ergonomic so it's just slightly curved edge and we can build this just out of wood as well I guess for now until we figure beds are always one of those things it's kind of weird building them out of anything else steals all right but I know I like the look of the wood ones so I can go here this is oh yeah these are individual beds ergonomic singular because these are small rooms so I can go we could leave them in the middle since we do have a bit of excess room a dresser could go into that corner I can go right there right there and right there and then we're gonna want Caravan requests what do you want military fatigues and you'll give us flat-screen TV circuit heart and that seems like a pretty good trade-off we're not doing it but it's not a bad trade-off but you're gonna want end table now is that the end table you didn't give us an extra end table you give us economic everything but not an end table that looks better okay we got a wardrobe though yeah yeah we'll use the Wardrobe too so you can have n table one or two I will do two two end tables for everyone because why not it'll raise the value of the room and make people happier we're probably also gonna want to why isn't that connected I missed it we're probably gonna want to increase our water intake as well we're full right now but when we get a lot of guests coming in which we're gonna start increasing the amount that we can have come in why is that backwards we're probably going to want higher water capacity how's everything else look that doesn't have anything that's because we're missing that pipe there is all coming in we are gonna run low on steel soon because we are eating through this very quick that's all fine let's speed this up oh my god we're at time again I'm so bad with time I really am okay well let's finish up the decorations in these rooms so we can do a dresser wardrobe we're not gonna do both that's just a little silly so we'll do wardrobes when it's I guess that doesn't look too bad like that either but wardro is there a backside yes okay so we got to make sure we're facing these the right way we'll do wardrobes when we can have them facing us dressers for the rest yeah that's fine they're gonna visit in a few days yep that's good so I can have a wardrobe up that way you can have a wardrobe into there you can have one that way they'll do a dresser here main reason for a dresser this way is because it's wider so it doesn't look as weird so and that's good we can't do a TV or anything yet because we don't have that capability and we're gonna want flowerpots in the room as well so we'll do more evany have any there we go oh this whole place is a giant fiery deathtrap let's hope no one ever sets fire to anything it's overall not bad though although we are gonna want to start researching now that we got a whole bunch of cloth that come in never did turnout and so on we're definitely not gonna get that done now oh you're harvesting that's fine you'll try for that but I know that's gonna work out well okay that's fine I got distracted I hate getting distracted what was that I wanted to do can you stop putting on the scarf I'm gonna leave them I'm not gonna go and disable scarves to one for the winter it's just he doesn't understand seriously our water did that get struck by lightning or was that one of the things that caught on fire I don't know but I gotta check the health on this as well does that seem to have just disappeared very quickly 49 I don't know how much damage lightning does but if it got struck by lightning did it instantly die visitors so what's our guest like Draco I don't want to drain that so we only have the 2/3 rather and you are out of water so people are gonna be yeah these do all take a lot of water so it's can take a little bit for that to get back to capacity but the intake of it is actually really good it's also untreated so small disease risk although if anyone gets diseases for the most part it's not a problem unless it's Ryan so not really a concern and then this is all pretty much ready to go so then that's gonna give us a total of 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 guests out of time assuming no relationships so that's a few groups so we can actually call and get some assistance and then this also does need a few other things before it's technically done like we're gonna want to slate walkways here to continue the design and you do that and we'll just trim that back a little although that kind of yeah you go like that you've got some simple meals yeah we're gonna have to also set up hunting so we're gonna have to buy some weapons that should be fine like that that way we can get more people hunting at one time but what we can also do is manager we can we enable that it's been 60 days since we've done hunting but yeah we got to make sure our foods coming in we won't be able to make better meals but we can do things like steaks and all that so we're gonna relationship is that it is it's Ryan Glover back in town good you could it's the best situation where we don't have to deal with people long-term but Ryan gets some lovin once in a while and gets paid for it oh he's a prostitute it's fine it's fine it's only like prostitution I would never have connected though if I didn't just put those words together but it kind of is just mild prostitution to a degree okay whatever oh we should probably also do a worldwide harvest of all things now that we have quite a bit of buffs going on this water we're gonna need more Oh No you're just complaining cuz you're not full we have a bunch of stockpile you're just not full that's fine okay and we are at time so next episode we'll try to get this fridge done but I'm also going to off-camera set up the foraging for all actually we could do that here do we want to set up all edible plants forged all the time map wide you might not even need to grow any more type of deal I don't know how big of a deal it is say three thousand and only fully matured plants that'll help limit things frost we can allow that and wild he'll root may as well grab those as well so if there's anything that's harvestable on the map we'll harvest them now that also doesn't include certain things I think that would be anything that gets picked up under secondary harvest harvest secondary so what's a harvest secondary what's this cherry it's a crabapple tree so a normal harvest doesn't actually affect those which means that certain things won't get done now that is gonna mean we probably need some more bots because that's gonna be plant cutting so that's gonna overtake growing ability so we do need people doing dedicated growing we'll have to around with some of these settings a little bit I think but we'll also set plant cutting as a for for anybody that has no other force yeah that's fine because that's just art as before I'm not worried about that getting done because we're not making art right now so that's good okay so that's good for today so next episode we are ready to go with all of this for the most part I know technically we don't have these paths in but it's not really gonna get done any time soon because we're working on the slate I like how that turned out though once we get nice thick grass in here this will actually look really nice and clean and crisp and we also need guests so maybe we'll call some people and see if they want to come in maybe not see we tend to get six ish people out of time already and if we get more rooms that might be enough to encourage people to come anyways but either way yeah either way that's it that's gonna be a first day so thank you everyone for watching and I hope you all have a great day see ya

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  8. I don't believe you associated the bathrooms in the new building to their local beds. Just a reminder for the next session.

  9. You should take the wall down between the store and the recreation room and have them both as one. That will allow you to store more things to sell as well without necessarily having to rebuild/expand

  10. Hey just a curiousity cuz i remember you saying in an older video that you dont really make the modding you do personally public because then youd not have to update it but feel the need to or something like that. What would your thoughts be on someone commissioning a mod if we have an idea you think you could make? Idk what the prices would be for that but i mean I'm sure itd bring out some cool ideas like the ability to choose whether things that rot can go somewhere and not anywhere else

  11. Best situation: Gets some loving and gets pai- oh fuck he's a prostitute. Eh it's fine, it's just mild prostitution. Gotta say that got me ! Loving the series so far.

  12. Hey Ryan, I'm really enjoying the series so far. Just one thing bothering me, it's the rounded off footpaths. I think they look like ass as they're not actually rounded if you know what I'm saying, especially since your buildings are also oddly shaped.

    I think if you remove the roundings the hotel would look less messy and cleaner.

    Just a suggestion, play around with it if you like!

  13. Hey Ryan Just a thought, couldn't you have each building have its own HVAC unit? It might cost a little bit more power but it makes it so that you don't have to run as many conduits if you don't want to. I love the series so far and it is all good that youtube was weird we all understand. I can't wait to see what you build next!

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