5 Shocking & Horrifying Restaurant Moments CAUGHT ON VIDEO | Disturbing CCTV Camera Footage

number one this first clip from China shows a self-service barbecue restaurant where customers cook their own food on top of heated plates attached to the table the only diners in the restaurant were Chee an a 20 year old female college student and her friend Ching this CCTV footage catches the horrifying moment that she answer life was forever changed since the plate heating their food wasn't hot enough the male called over a waitress to assist them the waitress earn an experienced eighteen-year-old who had only been working at the restaurant for a month and was the only staff member present that afternoon as she's reheating the device she accidentally spills the lighter fluid on the hot plate the flames engulfed Xi'an she falls to the floor frantically trying to extinguish the flames though she Ann's friend initially runs off he returns shirtless her attempting to extinguish the flames covering her body with his shirt by this point though she Ann's been burning for a solid 10 seconds are needed and the damage is extensive she survived but suffered third-degree burns across all of her body she lost all of her hair most of her skin and just barely escaped with her life some blame the waitress for her incompetence others blame the management for their lack of safety measures and staff training the full video was a little too horrific to show here in the description you'll find a link to it though if you're easily distressed then I wouldn't recommend watching it number two this next clip comes from Iraq where a floating restaurant on the Tigris River with a hundred and fifty people on board began to rapidly sink due to being overloaded the happy atmosphere at the private dinner party onboard soon turned to panic as the water flooded around the guests who quickly came to the realization that if they didn't get out soon they'd likely be dragged down with the boat one of the lucky passengers who was able to get out recorded this footage of the incident as the video goes on the seriousness of the situation dawns on those inside their screams becoming more and more desperate as the restaurant submerges people can still be seen struggling to get out not everybody was able to escape the sinking boat eight bodies were later pulled from the water still trapped within the confines of the restaurant a further nine people were never found lost to the river number three back to China in a burger restaurant where a group of mothers have brought their children the restaurant CCTV camera caught the moment that a car going around a hundred miles an hour torpedoed through the front doors and narrowly missed crushing those sitting inside several females ordering at the counter took the brunt of the impact and one an 8 year old girl was even pinned to the counter by the vehicle the driver fell unconscious at the wheel and as a result lost control of the car since the incident which happened very recently the girl that was hit by the car has had to have two operations this was a close brush with death and the survival of everybody inside came down to mere inches and beat number four another car accident caught on CCTV no this time in Houston Texas diners at a Mediterranean buffet were enjoying a meal with friends and family when without warning a black SUV plowed through the front of the building striking everyone in its path in a moment of sheer confusion the driver accidentally hits the gas instead of the brake leaving a trail of destruction in her wake and trapping one diner underneath her car and you can just about make them out after having been rammed into the food counter the driver actually reverses her call only to accidentally lurch forward again ramming the helpless victim for a second time the trapped individual is quickly pulled out he and all nine people were injured but there were thankfully no deaths things could have easily ended much worse these car crashing into restaurant incidents happen a lot more often than you'd think a quick google youtube search will bring up a ton of other examples number five in this last piece of CCTV footage from South Korea captured in December 2015 we see a busy barbecue restaurant with about 40 diners inside all enjoying a weekend meal the atmosphere changes and when they all hear a loud explosion which one diner later described as sounding like a firecracker going off about their heads from their reaction it's clear that everybody inside knew that something was seriously wrong they all quickly attempt to flee the scene at which point the ceiling caves in on them most of the people we see in the footage just make it out of the door in time though many others were unable to get out in total 12 people were injured no amazingly nobody lost their life had anyone's reflexes been a little slower or if any elderly diners were present police say it's likely there would have been fatalities what's unsettling about all of these incidents is that they all feature people just enjoying a meal at a restaurant which we all do from time to time and then in the blink of an eye in their per to mortal danger we in a way these videos remind us just how unpredictable life can be and how uncertain our own safety is even when doing something as ordinary as dining out oh and special mention to this guy who totally ditches his girlfriend to try and escape only to run in the wrong direction and into the danger zone good job buddy hi guys are lazy here and thank you very much for listening to avoid any community guideline issues I couldn't show the entirety of the first clip but like I said in the video it's pretty brutal so just a heads up if you decide to check it out yourself as always smash that like button or I'll smash you and I'll have another video coming to you guys very very soon until then stay spooky and remember the best things happen in the dark diners had a Mediterranean but diners at a Mediterranean diners had a Mediterranean buffet fucksake got it right that time as well diners that AM edited why is this one so hard what the fuck diners at a méditerranée Deena said a Mediterranean buffet were enjoying a meal with friends and family oh I think fuck man this is making me hungry

31 thoughts on “5 Shocking & Horrifying Restaurant Moments CAUGHT ON VIDEO | Disturbing CCTV Camera Footage

  1. For number 4, how tf can you be that stupid that you mistake the break, back up THEN drive again??? I hope to God they got charged hard

  2. After watching the live leak of the first video, I understand like she was doing her best to try and out the fire out but she didn’t like try rolling she like is kicking her feet and stuff sitting straight up, I wonder if rolling around would’ve helped at all with her burns or putting it out faster.

  3. Okay I get it a lot of people say West women are bad drivers but that's not necessarily true free stuff just putting that out there just in case second off this is exactly why I never went for my license because there are too many idiots out there driving that don't know the gas pedal from the brake pedal. Whatever happened to Common Sense people

  4. Well I think more deaths come from being dumb and not getting the heck out. Place is flooding yet I see people just standing at the window. This is ridiculous to me. Sends the dumb turn into victims by their own doing in a horrific thing like this. Me? The second I know something is wrong I'm out. Think some miss the flight or die concept to remain living

  5. Cover a burning person with a shirt or whatever.
    Never hit the fire. You trow oxygen om it and makes it worse.
    Choke the blaze instead.

  6. There is a drink cooler right next to the table, I know thinking is scrambled one such a thing happens but the first thing that would come to my mind would be some kind a liquid to put it out in there it is green cooler

  7. You have a beautiful voice for storytelling that I wish I had. Hell, if I had your voice, I'd never shut up xD

  8. Ok i get it, it's understandable that you accidentally hit the gas instead of the brakes. but like… how in the world do you reverse and then ACCIDENTALLY PUSH THE GAS AGAIN?! EVEN if you were panicking i STILL DON'T GET HOW THAT EVEN HAPPENS. like were you high or drunk??

  9. Honestly I've wondered for some time why more safety bollards aren't required out the front of busy places. Especially when crashing vehicles into public places has become a bit of a craze, both accidentally and on purpose.

    I know in outdoor malls they are common

  10. wtf im almost 30years old Youtube has my info but still it treats me like a child telling me this video has disturbing images i mean wtf i know how to read that's why clicked on the video

  11. the incident at the restaurant almost happened to me with a classroom 😳 thankfully i reacted quickly and hit the brakes

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