3 Scary Real Hotel Horror Stories

this happened in the summer and I believe I was about 12 at the time I was staying in a hotel in a fairly large city with my mom and my younger brother we were visiting other extended family but chose not to stay in their house my brother is younger than me by a decent amount so I was usually told to keep an eye on him on the day we arrived my mom told me to do just that while she checked us in and received our room card so my brother and I sat down on a couch in the lobby and relaxed a little bit while we were sitting a man in about his mid 40s walked into the hotel the couch was facing the hotel doors so I got a good look at him I remember that he was very average looking describing his features in detail could generate several different images the guy comes in and sits on the couch opposite hours I didn't think anything of it until I realized that he didn't go up to the counter first he just came in and sat down it made me feel a little uncomfortable maybe I was being a bit paranoid but I thought he might have followed us in thankfully my mom called us over and told us that her room was ready we left the lobby and went to our room shortly afterwards we left the hotel to go meet family I forgot about the man for the rest of the day we returned at about 7:00 and my mom told us that we could go swimming in the hotel pool we all went to our room changed and went to the pool a few minutes after we got into the water the same man from before walked in and sat down he was wearing jeans and a sweater so he definitely wasn't going swimming again we didn't think much of it until I could see that my mom was visibly worried she pointed him out to me and she said that if he didn't leave within five minutes we needed to go back to our rooms five minutes passed and he was still there so we got our things and left by then it was close to 8 o'clock we had brought a rented movie to watch so we plan to watch that and go straight to bed I noticed that my mom was a little on edge because of the man who had been watching us and I got a little more worried myself too halfway through the movie my mom got up to get into the shower while she was in there someone knocked on the door and said housekeeping I thought it was weird that the cleaning staff would come this late but we needed another towel so I answered the door I wish I hadn't been so stupid it was the same creepy man he gave me a smile in a little wave I just stood there kind of motionless my mind automatically went to the worst possible situation kidnapping rape torture etc I heard the water in the shower turn off he stood there as well for a moment and then he spoke how was your swim at that moment my mom came out of the shower saw the man at the door pulled me back and slammed the door she locked it then she called the front desk from our hotel phone to report the guy I told her to just call the police but she didn't listen she then requested we switch rooms I then heard footsteps stomping down the hallway away from our room thankfully if the guy had left after that we switched hotel rooms and didn't see the guy again during our stay have you ever gotten an uneasy feeling staying in a hotel room especially by yourself likely not and I also doubt you've ever been in a hotel room by yourself but when I was a kid I always got scared sleeping in hotel rooms I would always keep looking back at the dark corners of the room every 20 seconds thinking there would be somebody standing there my fear not only drove me crazy it drove my parents crazy as I would always insist that I would sleep between them until I was around 9 or 10 years old anyway eventually I had to grow up or at least give off the impression and started sleeping in my own bed or sharing the bed with my sister now I'm 24 years old living on my own and have to take a lot of business-related trips for my job on one particular out-of-town trip I was staying at a Comfort Inn in North Carolina with all the expenses paid by my job of course I was in the area for a meeting with an office in a different town and he in was my home for the night it was across the street from some big car dealership that's all I remember about the surroundings anyway I was off the next day so I could look forward to just relaxing in the hotel and watching a couple movies I was ironically watching the first Saw movie and I swear during the scene where Adam was hearing sounds in his apartment my childhood paranoia started to come back for a bit as I thought I heard little crackling type noises coming from inside the closet being 24 I told myself that I had to get over this nonsensical childish fear I simply raised the volume on the movie and tried to ignore it at the same time I popped two sleeping pills into my mouth so that I'd be wiped out by the time the movie was over eventually I flipped off the TV and rolled over onto my side to finally get some shut-eye that was when the crackling noises became apparent again it wasn't constant or anything it was just like once every minute or so I'd hear this crackling type noise that I just can't describe coming from the closet it wasn't happening too frequently to really bother me and the sleeping pills were knocking me out at that point so I was out within like ten minutes the next thing I remember I woke to the sound of cloth being rustled around I sprang to an upright position but it was literally too dark to even see within a few feet in front of me after I flipped on the bedside light there I saw somebody dressed in all black with a hood over his head probably 6 foot 5 250 pounds rummaging through my bag I screamed at the top of my lungs and in response he fled the room he had stolen my wallet and my watch but he had also created a last memory that only digs deeper into a very large childhood fear of mine I have never heard a story about anything like this on the news or anything so for something like this to happen to a person like me somebody who had such an odd specific fear as a child was simply catastrophic to me when I was 17 I started to develop some beef with my dad who's a huge hothead tensions would grow worse through the years and it got to the point that I would commonly have to leave for the night after getting into huge fights with my dad about personal things that I won't talk about sometimes I would stay at a friend's house or check into a hotel it was May 9th 2015 I was 21 years old and after another huge scene back at home with my dad I had to get out of there for my own good I checked into a nearby hotel the Quality Inn and Suites it was literally half a mile from my house I'd be throwing away a little less than $100 for it but I had nowhere else to go it was early at this time around usually these outbursts happen around night time it was like 4 o'clock so I decided to just hang out by the outdoor pool and clear my head it was funny I was the only one around in this hotel the pool was empty the hallways were empty even the lobby was empty except for of course the desk worker then again it was only May and it wasn't like we lived in some huge vacation destination of a town my room was in the middle of the hall on the second floor I had no idea why they'd given me that room since it seems like I was one of the only few people staying in the hotel I hung out in my room after the pool for a bit that's when there was a very light tapping on the door I waited for someone to yell housekeeping but they never did therefore I ignored it and to my surprise even though I had the Do Not Disturb sign on the door handle I heard the beep of the lock on the door and then I heard the door slowly opening I called out No thank you not right now I couldn't see the employee at the door because there was a wall that blocked the view of the door from the bed there was a pause and I repeated myself growing a bit curious suddenly the door slammed shut it actually startled me I got up to actually go follow them and tell them that that was rude when I stepped into the hall I looked to my right nobody I looked to my left and at the end of the hall I saw the right leg of a woman turning the left corner further down the hall before disappearing how did she get there so fast I wondered I ran down to the end of the hall and that's when I heard another door closing when I turned the corner nobody just maybe 20 closed unoccupied hotel doors I was so confused and honestly a bit freaked out I went down to the front desk to complain about the rude employee the woman at the counter said that must be Rosa she said she would question her about slamming the door later on I thanked the woman and then went out to eat at the nearby TGI Fridays down the road when I got back to the room I was on the phone talking to my mom who said that I shouldn't come back because my dad was still super pissed I entered my room and told her how depressed I was with all this fighting bullshit and she understood when I hung up it was only 8 o'clock I wanted the night to be over I brushed my teeth watched a little TV and went to sleep at around 9 o'clock I woke to a noise at first I didn't know what it was I rubbed my eyes sat up and listened you have to let them in there was somebody standing at the left edge of my bed towering over me I screamed and felt like throwing up at the same time it was a dreadful horrifying feeling the person then grabbed around my throat and started repeating the words you piece of shit it was an older woman with a weak grip I was able to escape easily I ran to the door of the room I heard her following me but she stopped at the door when I ran down the halls to the front desk the woman at the front desk admitted that one of the employees had lost one of her master keys that had access to all the rooms in the hotel something they were obligated to report to the head of the hotel I was furious of course I got a refund gave some info to the cops and then went home that night where my dad actually showed something close to sympathy after I explained what happens ever since I've actually never had to leave the house for the night and I hope it stays that way oh yeah and I have absolutely no idea whatever became of that crazy nutcase woman that tried to kill me you

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  1. When it whispered “you have to let them in” I literally screamed. I was like “omg omg omg” I thought it was real lol. Thanks for giving me nightmares bro!

  2. Dude, I'm playing a video game and not watching the video and when the woman said "You have to let them in." I literally had an aneurism. Mr. Nightmare usually doesn't do things like that. Phew.

  3. How ironic is this that while watching hotel horror stories you are interrupted by a stay-at-this-hotel ad.
    FabHotels, what you doing to me?

  4. Ever since I was little, I've always had this phobia or extreme fear of walking in hotel hallways!! The reason behind all this is because I always feel as if someone bad or especially a spirit or ghost is following me. Especially in dimly lit hotel hallways. As long as I have a friend or especially a group of friends walk me to my hotel room, i'm fine. I was five when I discovered this fear. My big bro and my parents and I went on a family trip to Vegas back in 92 and I absolutely refused to leave our hotel room because I was convinced and esp. terrified that someone scary was lurking in that very dim hallway!! Luckily, my mom, dad, or big brother carried me every time we had to cross the hallway and told me that no one will harm or scare you as long as we're around which helped a lot. But to this day especially hearing about those haunted hotels like The Roosevelt, The Knickerbocker, and Hotel Del Coronado in Hollywood and San Diego CA–someone always has to walk me to my hotel room because that phobia of mine never really left me.

  5. I worked at a hotel as a house keeper that homeless people would sneak in the back door and take food from the breakfast bar I didn’t know until a cop walked into one of the rooms I was cleaning and scared me half to death and told me to be carful and warned me about the homeless people apparently they was living in the woods behind the hotel.

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  7. So I went to this camp for forensic science. And the dude who was teaching said told us a few things.
    1. Don’t pull of a gun or a knife unless you fully intend to shoot or stab someone. Don’t say” don’t make me use this”.
    2. Don’t try to be a hero. If someone is coming for you, fake a faint. Criminals aren’t that smart like the ones in the movies.If you faint they are less likely to try and rob you.
    3. If someone is heading away from you. Like a robber, don’t shoot them, it won’t be self defense since they were no danger to you at that time.
    4. If someone is doing something illegal, don’t tell the cops. Unless you wanna get shanked.(stabbed)

  8. I've never been able to sleep in a hotel room with the lights completely off, I usually leave at least one on. I also check everything to be sure there's nothing weird in there. WRT story 2, If I opened a closet door and saw a guy I'd lose my shit.

  9. 4:00 "I also doubt you've ever been in a hotel room by yourself." You mean EVERY business traveler ever? –_

  10. I live in North Carolina! And I know that exact hotel! It’s in Winterville right down the road from Pitt community college…

  11. oh my freaking god atory 2 was like my child hood =O but little bit diffrent it was a man that made a whole in the wall and steerd at me i get the chills this days im 25 so yeah i still cant get over it

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