[25] Overclocking Round 2 | RimWorld 1.0 Atomic Robo-Hotel

hello everybody and welcome back to Rome World the atomic robo hotel so last episode we got ourselves sinful een up and running for floors so we're gonna be working on that today up in our reactor we're gonna have all this done and we're gonna get back to reactor research because well this also needs to get done but and take too long either we're gonna get our battery room up and running and we also you know lots of so it finished digging all about out getting all this ready that way this oh wow that took a lot of damage that's gonna need to get fixed what else do we do we also expanded our bedrooms up along here so it's not done yet obviously we still may get the furniture and all that for it and we still have over here to finish up too so that might come today depending on how long everything else is gonna take and I also noticed that these crops are basically completely done others a few of the crop fields here that aren't being used because obviously we have an absolute ton of food right now I don't know what we're gonna change them to but fall is coming winter is coming so there's no real point trying to plant anything so we'll save it for next year and we all set the flu for three robots and Ryan however I'm not sure how that one works but whatever so along with that I was also told I missed that tile right there apparently I didn't miss it what is it rough sandstone we could fix that so we're gonna need floors soil change that out you do that do that thank you okay and then we could just swap that out there we go that'll be fixed okay so with that done we have a pirate merchant we don't need a worry about that right now we have a absolute ton of steel I shouldn't say an absolute ton of steel that can go very quickly but we have a bunch of steel and we have a bunch of components so okay so we're gonna need that for our batteries and stuff how's our current guest situation that's more than fine of course we're gonna get our batteries done that way we have our backup power and also so we have circuit breakers so if we get a power surge we don't have to worry about blowing stuff up so that is going to be batteries and that is every third we need damnit a one gap damn it I don't know how that one happened I screwed that up a royal let's fix that all up what a mess so we need circuit breakers in between these and then along with that we may as well mirror it we're doing the same thing in here and I didn't want to cancel that one so that's the two components each that's gonna eat through it pretty quick but luckily we do up some money to buy some more not a lot of money we did spend most of it but we can buy more if more comes around along with that so that needs to get done that should get done pretty quick it's just the construction a bit of mining and then obviously some floors and stuff but once that's done we'll be good to get back on reactor research here stop being stuck thank you evil Monty are you stuck no you're getting the floors done okay so we don't need to worry about that what else needs to get done this furniture needs doing we have a bit of floor here and some chunks over here and that need to get moved will halt urgently on these because they might do we got no room because we got no yeah that's an issue with the current setup here is that we don't have spots to store chunks from just when we're digging out large areas we do have this area right here we're not really using for anything we do need a path in here let's get that in so it's gonna be our slate I guess the most logical thing to do would just bring it straight down but what we can do is come right here and here and we could use here for auxilary storage as well cup B that make a new one whoops that's in here and I guess we'll just store the excess in here so this should be critical we're gonna turn this to important that way this is just overflow because obviously if at all possible we'd prefer everything to go there so it's a little bit closer and we might pave that as well make it look a little bit better okay so with that done this is now done so we get our furniture and guests are leaving so we're gonna be doing just a standard bed we're gonna just do exactly oh I can't do that we're gonna do exactly what we did for these ones so we're gonna want that to be furniture standard bed we didn't unlock any other beds right because I know we got in here ergonomic beds I take a ton of components but we're not spending their components simple beds are obviously worse so I think this is our best non double bed still available so we'll just get these in that was wrong and we could do one back here one we could do it right there just trying to make it so they're not all the exact same but also some logic in how they're getting put down you can have right there there that looks the exact same as the other side so preferably not stick that there I can go there you have to go up against the wall – I forgot about that because we only need entrance on one side of them so that's 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 more beds and I don't know what that brings us up to total so that's twelve fifteen nineteen twenty twenty-one 52 2 or 3 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 total not including people that share beds because of relationships or because they're idiots and they want to just complain about something so let's just go with a nice easy 30 that'll be nice to remember so along with that we also obviously need all the end tables and stuff doesn't really matter which direction they go in but I'd like them to be towards the wall on AIM one that's I guess that could go on either side but towards the wall would be the most logical spot so that's good and then we also need our dressers now this is one that we have to follow the rules on so anything that's gonna be facing upwards is gonna be the wardrobe and the other ones are gonna be the standard dresser so I can go in there that's not gonna be one that's fine that's not one that's fine that won't be one you'll have that one here I don't know I keeps drifting over this way thing it's gonna turn that way but it doesn't so there and there don't work so we just want normal dressers for the rest this one seems so crowded it's because those two tiles missing actually make quite a big a bit of a difference that already has one so you can have one you already have one so you want there has one here and here okay so that's good and then we need plant pots so we'll just kind of fill in the corners that aren't being used we need lights in these rooms we still need air conditioning as well which shouldn't really be that big of an issue anyways so I can go there and that I missed that somehow not sure okay so then we got lights next and lights are pretty easy just on the entrance it's small ephram's where you only need the one light fixture we'll do this one on the end here so it gets around that corner not that it matters it's already filled in so it's not like they'll notice so I can go there and I can go yeah we'll keep it right there and that one will put right here that way it's not in the corner it's not hiding behind a plant all right so then that's all done it just needs to get built we should have the wood for it oh yeah we got lots of we've got tons of wood and along with that okay so that's that part done that's still not getting done these floors are getting done these are getting done I guess overclocking our robots would be next on the list we also have in here that needs to be expanded out to here these need to be shifted forwards although we're gonna have to here put that whoops there instead put that there that way we can get these lights moved over as well without having to destroy anything yeah I'm not sure what we're gonna do with that extra to toss of space here probably turn that on its side and stick another one in and probably the best way to go about that okay so overclocking where are we at currently I think we're a dragon no we didn't get anger oh wow we didn't get many people at all it's not a big deal so we're gonna want overclock and now is this going to cause an issue because you are gonna go to probably the closest bed you're coming over here we'll give them a sec you are unloading yeah I'm not sure if it's gonna be automatic going to here or if they'll go up to the upgrade station since those are beds that are designed specifically for them Ryan is also stuck resting instead of right it is nighttime to Assad makes sense can you come and bargain please and then Al Bundy did make their way up into here so we'll do a couple more and just keep it on where they're headed so we're gonna want you there's our trade over clock and I want can you get off please so I could see okay so angers in here so you go and you're gonna rest up there's closer so that's fine so we could only do two at a time luckily that's not that big of a deal because it is fairly quick and we filled catastrophic ly um where do you go now way down here that's pretty bad oh there's also each store oh yes stir fried bonuses that I was told about okay well Ryan that's not a bed for you that's not where you're supposed to be but you could go and of course Al Bundy is okay well that makes things difficult because we're gonna want to do overclock oh you're also gonna be bleeding out which is the pain oh we have two things have guests as well so you're gonna get overclocked again then we got dragon see this stuff was supposed to help the beds but apparently it doesn't what we're gonna do just so we don't have to worry about it we're gonna make these not medical beds currently and actually will make them prisoner so we don't have any weirdness with you know one of the bots trying to pick a bed for whatever reason and then house the guests oh my god that's a lot no scrollbar yet so it's probably under 2019 because I think the scrollbar comes in at twenty that's also robot so I thought what I'm looking for we're looking for guess twenty okay yep they're fine hey my equipment bar came back I couldn't find it in all the stats or anything I guess it just when the game turned off and back on it reset itself which is nice yeah and then al Bundy's all broken anger has been dealt with can we get rid of all that extra information because it blocks all the screen and then we have okay so we're on this is our overclocking or clocks gonna be right there and then your overclocked already oh how did we get Muppet but not dragon I'm not quite sure you're also getting a whole lot of bonuses here for everything and your coolant loss can you unbreak please obviously he's getting all those bonuses because he's eating all the different foods we got from my understanding robots don't bleed out they'll just drop and then they'll lose their heating and cooling capabilities so we shouldn't be at too much of a risk here obviously no infection either so it shouldn't really be an issue felt can we not fail like that's a crafting skill from what I've seen if I remember correctly and Ryan's a pretty good crafter and we shouldn't really be failing like this Colin sneeze recipe okay so there's our Bundy down and we're gonna want Hyrum can you do a rescue please Robo Rama was already coming but who knows where she was okay so then you man there's gonna be so much more of a pain that it had to be just because failures are apparently way too common at least we're not trying to do free will anymore because that was a nightmare since every fail obviously basically ruins the robot it's best not to fail and that's still not getting that your guys speed up okay and you guys did get dealt with yes you're gonna need to be overclocked Al Bundy still on overclock heat stroke serious debt going up yes so what's your oh wow you can't deal with any temperature at all so you will die of heatstroke it's okay you should be fine you should get your coolant back we'll see if heatstroke does killing because it might end up hitting that point feel Cassius do we have to that's like what three fails for two successes and now you're bleeding out even more uh-oh your A game delt what so this is just not going well at all how's the heatstroke 89 we'll see if heatstroke does the kill I'm thinking it will which means I'll have to update my list but that's kind of a silly situation yep okay so that actually kills robots uh well where's my list cuz I'm gonna have to mark this down I wasn't expecting to have to do this I'll Bundy fourth robot so I'll just leave myself a mark here so we got to get a fluff bot in an owl Bundy bot and we're also gonna need a grave because I don't think you could just disassemble them because I think they do still technically have meat so there we go that's kind of a pain uh what we're gonna do probably is more of these beds not that they're useful fights and that doesn't stack does it Android surgery success chance no it's just the one it's still 124 percent here Ryan since that's a skill on its own what do we add eighty-one percent and that's affected by your crafting yes and yeah you should be good I don't know why you're so bad at this whatever whatever okay well let's build a copy make it so we have more of these to work with that way we get a couple more going at once and those two should be fine right there because that'll cover all three and the merge just got to get a new bot that's fine it's fine and then those batteries are all done as well we do still need a light here and here also I need to do cooling in research we're cooling and heating I was told I forgot about it a while ago and just keep forgetting about it those are never gonna get done there so you cancel that we're gonna want lights in here I don't know how I ended up so dark I swear that we had lights at one point so that's good we don't need any of this stuff we do have t3 Androids research so next would be T 4 and we have overflow in here okay what do we do about this because we got too much we're cooking a lot of food we're just not selling enough we do up capacity for more people let's go for one we do need cleaned stuff up but let's get Ryan to make a few calls so who hasn't been here so we got to you guys you guys haven't been around for a while or at least your relation with us hasn't been going up so we'll get those three groups to come in they're already on their way for days and Ryan doesn't want to do multiple oh it's because I didn't shift-click it whoops shot was probably the last one we did you guys twenty days okay how about you guys less than a day how are you guys currently not interested in visiting 15 bit man there's a lot of longtime same one you guys are allied so you're probably on your way two days we got you guys how we looking three and a half days I'm sure I'm missing some three and a half days you guys should be nine point nine days then we're here invite okay so there's one new group oh god we're here seven point eight and we're this one here six point three so it looks like we have most of these already coming it's just they're gonna take a while and I'm losing track I wish there was I call everyone because I don't I'm I'm sure I'm missing some and I'm also doing some multiple times like that one I just did so we want that yes yeah I think for the most part everyone is actually already coming it's just there's a pretty big time delay so the solution is to make it so group sizes are allowed to be larger yeah that's not gonna work okay so we're just gonna increase group size since they're all coming it's just taking a while so hospitality because obviously we have crippled the extra number that we can have just so it could stay reasonable so we're gonna go from a group size of four up to a maximum of what eight double it I don't know if they would all come in with eights though let's go six 50% more guests and we'll increase it more if we're more often than not empty but yeah if we if we set it to just do its own thing we'd probably getting like 40 50 guests at a time at this point per group because it scales pretty rapidly so yeah we definitely don't want to just be unlimited and Ryan how long until your flue is done I'm kind of sick of seeing you laying in the wrong beds you're actually not doing super great hey you're only ahead by five it could be worse I guess and we have a solar flare okay so how's this handling things temperature okay so we're getting over a hundred but it is dropping lower so it should be pretty reasonable having just the one vent there although we don't have the storage capacity for twenty five thousand watts that's a lot of watts okay and then there goes everything well I tried we just need more battery capacity or maybe oh there's ago as the solar it was also suggested that I should use oil as my emergency power supply hook it up so if we run out of power then it'll start consuming not sure if that's an easy fix because it's not like we could just do a chem fuel burner set up on a emergency power switch because then the generators themselves would still be running 24/7 consuming the fuel it just wouldn't be used so that's not really an option it's mostly just get enough battery capacity we also have cargo we got the old corpses oops that was already allowed we couldn't do a allow all because who knows what else is out there we don't need that that or that colonists needs treatment relationship that's Ryan's father that's fine Ryan needs treatment getting dried fruit yeah yeah and you're gonna come back up this way okay so oh we also are making master work plant pots can you go waste oh my god we're gonna pause it so it could go away so I could check the bots and get our overclocking done again so we have overclock overclock overclock overclock no overclock so we'll do overclock there you have positronic rewiring how did you get positronic rewiring considering we didn't put that on you I'm not gonna complain about it that's quite good but I'm kind of confused does it just happen artificial yeah overclock and then you have to stir-fry okay so we'll do you guys for now we also did I'm not sure did we finish the research we must have we have guests hospital beds that we should actually because these are just normal beds we'll deconstruct these in putting guest hospital beds so that is under furniture okay now I know we have hospital bed is there when we were looking at research here there's oh come on there is specifically a guest hospital bed now I wonder if that's an option to make hospital beds guess or if there's actually a guest hospital bed don't see one there we do have an operating table we'll take a look at that maybe now yeah is guest in here oh we also have a intravenous drip stand so that's more Hospital related stuff so that would be what use it with a what's the word vitals monitor well either way I'm not seeing the hospital bed so I'm assuming it's just an upgrade you know the normal switch that you get here supposed to steal no and that would just let me put them right over top convenient okay so I can go in and we'll get everything else going and then the bots are up here right yeah get up and do that please score of 22 also a medical emergency how are you you should be fine so you guys had a 22 why are you so miserable okay I can't do much about that and I don't know who else is a part of that group Raven would be you're fine so is it just we're lacking social people because Ryan's been flowing it up in bed forever and he's not actually talked to anyone and is why we also need a butler but I think that's why we need a butler bot cuz Ryan just can't handle that much anymore so the t4 robots are getting done we'll get a butler bot see the problem with Butler BOTS too is that can we stop failing I don't understand how it's that ridiculously hard to overclock I over clock my computer I don't blow it up I don't cut its whatever robot parts are there so it can be overclocked again and you should go right back to bed but you're a 16 in crafting plus we're using extra bonus stuff it shouldn't be that hard there you go okay well there's another one oh what a pain in the ass okay so now I'm distracted what were we working on that should be disabled right yes oh my god Ryan you failure for fuck's sake and where did bubbles go oh right there sorry I thought that was Ryan and you rest until healed and now you have a sight sensor missing for fuck's sake no don't remove self well sorry overclocked everything just has to be difficult and you got patched up yeah and Ryan how's your flu coming along might not be a bad thing if you die at this point we're still winning not by much and we're gonna want to okay well I guess you're resting here until you're attended can you we have regen coming out and we're regen is okay well it we're gonna get you to do it oh my god we have medicine on the other side of the map that could be an issue now we're five a head with only five to go so we should be fine okay and Ryan wake up and do what you need to do okay so we have both bitch traitor as well Ryan should go and deal with that we're gonna want to change this floor out so floor that is going to be our slate slabs and those lights still need to be moved and go get the rest of that done these doors on the their hand no no there we go clicking the wrong key we want the door there that one here Ryan gain glitter world medicine he's good so did we succeed no we didn't even do the new one yet we didn't do the new one yet okay so Ryan you're gonna have to go and do that when you wake up and then all this is done now too so yes we're back onto research all right so that's experimented with the reactor so we'll get that one finish and then what's next after that build a reactor core so that's gonna be actually building the next one cold snap oh my god Ryan you seriously I don't even want to overclock at this point like it went from a good idea to I don't know there's no point doing this cuz we're gonna kill half our box at this rate ah and plus it's taking Ryan literally all the time to get this done that cold snap shouldn't be a problem but this whole Ryan not being able to do anything else cuz he's stuck doing this 20 times each oh my god I'm done it's undone no more overclocking this we'll wait till ryan gets a level 20 construction or something or anyone does something better than what's happening now cuz an 80% chance is coming up as like like 75% chance of failure at this point and you're gonna need to go back to get fixed but ya know that that Brian we need more components I think we'll just go and buy them directly because I think we're at capacity and there goes everything dying it's fine it's fine ok so there's all those the least we can do is force the harvest on whatever is possible although we probably won't get any of these because they're all gonna die super quick yeah what a pain what a pain everything just has to be a fight okay we don't need that okay so now that I'm distracted again can you stop putting in the doorway it's not even allowed why do they do that visitors that shouldn't be a problem okay so now that we're done with overclocking I don't know what the plan is for it our grass is going brown and not dead how it should be good all these bedrooms also got done so that's all for guests there we go so that's all good so we got over there to do next we got these hospital beds done so we're gonna want these not for prisoners and also no guests usefulness okay so that's a problem so there's other guest hospital beds apparently apparently because why else would it show that there's an item for it now I don't even know where I'd go to find that because why would it be under miscellaneous and plus we already looked here where else could it possibly be it wouldn't be floors none of that not decorations not recreation right just you never know it's not on the ship or temperature not the reactor stuff wouldn't be garden tools it could be hygiene which would be a weird spot for it but you never know no it's not room feller okay so there is just no hospital guest beds apparently I can do that though yeah that'd be probably how they intend it make it a non meadow make it a non-medical than a guest's makes it so that's a guest room they won't use it as a hospital bed yeah that's not gonna work either then okay so well it's just hospital beds at that point all right so we don't need that we don't need that our reactor research we also do need to set rules on who's allowed in here that way we don't have anyone that shouldn't be in here in here so we got research spots Nexus of course we up J a thousand times so we can say we also are going to need someone doing constructing in here as well and then there's also crafting related stuff too so we could say have Nexus Peter and because Nexus will be our crafter whoops mixing stuff up okay pause it for Zak so we have Nexus Peter and constructor we can say a doggie Oh God doggy Nexxus and Peter not even Ryan's gonna be allowed in here only because he's not gonna wear a suit all the time although what the hell you have on your head is that yellow eyes in the suit that you shouldn't be wearing and then we're also gonna want to copy that and paste it onto that right so what's on your head radiation mask you we also got animals out here that are dead so we'll allow that okay that's a little bit of a stutter that's fine and this is all good we have inspiration don't need that don't need that and then this should be locked okay so that's good we also need to change all these up that's actually the direction it should be I know why can be this is why I this is the exact reason that I play all games when every game I play I pause while building it's because I always end up in a point where there's stutter and stutters the most annoying thing when you're placing stuff and then it gets moved because the game like at the exact moment we also need to mine mine mine mine we can also get these chunks out of here oh my god it didn't pause it while doing stuff brain I try see it's a weird thing because I purposely pause it so I avoid weird stuff going on when it shouldn't be but I try not deposit most of the time because people get frustrated when we spend 20 minutes building and the game pause and nothing happening and then sitting there waiting for stuff to happen when I unpause is but it's the exact reason is it stutters are a pain in every game ended up having a stutter with you know how I tend to play it so can you get those moved again please and then we're also gonna want a another door that way that's also secured I don't know what's currently causing stutter last time we had a stutter like this it was snow clearing but we don't have snow clearing anymore it wouldn't be crops cuz this is all done I don't know what we're gonna do with all that what we need to do is make more food what would help is if all of this was combined so there wasn't like five stacks of grilled vegetables because that makes things more difficult but there's no way to really sort that the only way to fix that issue would be to not use the refrigerators at all if we did it using just stockpile zones then it would be fine but because each of these are their own individual stockpile zones the game doesn't really register the ability to stack them even if you lock sown in the room so I think we're out of luck there all right I guess stuff complete okay so that's our reactor stuff done and Nexus is in here so now since we only have Nexus in here and that's already locked we shouldn't have any risk of anyone not supposed to be in here coming in here we are gonna want to get ourselves critical for apparel and we're gonna do our whoops hazmat not head gear mask copy and paste and we'll have our suit on the other side and we want that be critical clear just to suit paste that into there okay so I should be good and our suit should get put into that good stuff and then on this side we'll have a desk just so it could be you know watched like that okay so and that's all good everything should be fine we can't do anything about the food situation it's fine it'll just rot there anything else okay so next up for room Atomics so we have to build the frame for the nuclear reactor core note that once the frame is complete more work must be done finish the core blah blah blah highly recommended that the core be built in a containment room to protect colonists during field transfers the thickness of the walls in HP of material use determine how much radiation is absorbed we advise leaving space around the core as the frequency of radiation damage also decreases over distance Wow and then we have all of these to go so we are at time let's try to get through all of this next episode all as one and we'll have our focused entirely on all of that for that episode since today was very scattered but I think we're pretty much done for today look at these floors changed out those are getting moved so then that's gonna be our random so I can go in here that doesn't line up oh that's terrible Oh it'll be fine to go grab one of these pause it because it's driving me nuts so we have that going that way we'll grab ourselves a chair over here and then we'll also those light dark I'll survive that that's fine because oh we don't have colored lights and say we can do a red light in here kind of as a warning but that'll be fine so I can go right there and then go also you know well lit in there it'll get rid of that one we'll just do that one okay so it really sucks that overclocking ended up being such a nightmare but there's not a whole lot we can do about it like we could just keep trying but what good is that gonna do is there any information on here that would be useful somehow there is also a high chance of causing memory corruption we have not had that consequence luckily maybe it's disabled for this and it's just still text so yeah overall overclocking until we could at least find a better way to deal with it I'm not sure what we can do yeah I I don't have any ideas at all other than just get a level 20 crafter going so we could get Peter trying to do them it's well that's actually not gonna work either it's not gonna work either although it does say your success chance is significantly higher now Ryan did out the flue did how much of a difference did that make Doug 10th that was like what we had what 81 percent so I guess it did what we can do here other than oh and that makes a difference to Ryan's skill went up to a 17 instead of a 16 we could get Ryan better sight so the plan was to use money from the hotel by Ryan bionics and stuff since there's no point you know doing all the research and setting up the infrastructure to get the bionic body parts for one person we're playing to buy them it might be worth it to really take a look out for eyes manipulation because that would increase that over a hundred percent obviously it's not gonna fix the rates but it'll be better but uh we'll see what we can do also that needs to be moved I can get moved and then someone should come and do that there's our bulk cos trader again where is we have eight components so Ryan should go and do that but we're gonna force it so we want you to come do that okay so we don't need that that Ryan's ants here don't you worry about that can someone come in quickly do these please I don't think we have any other construction going on other than the lose lights there you go hit back and get moved there oh off with the leg thank you and we have visitor oh that's a lot of visitors coming in we're so good okay anyone one eyed oh that one also got done talking yet moved there okay so then that's good we'll just do a shift with that one we'll shift that one up to that corner as well and then this is now done so yeah I guess that's it for today next episode is gonna be a focus on reactor while we do the reactor stuff because obviously that's gonna just be a lot of watching for it to do stuff we could come up and get these other bedrooms the framework for it done and depending on how much other stuff gets done we might be able to fill them in oh I also up next episode we're also gonna do our climate because we got the pipes in just not the vents so we're gonna need that and also so I don't forget I can connect up down to here so that way that'll be climate controlled and probably best to do a separate system for this that way we don't have you know ductwork going from our reactors into the rest of the base I know that is a pocket it's just a game logic thing so we'll uh that should be able to get put in but we're probably gonna want to keep these reasonably cooled smoker or something like that I can just run down to there and then we'll figure out this side once we're there but either way that is gonna be it for today so thank you everyone for watching I hope you'll have a great day see ya

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  1. You put too much pressure on Ryan… He had flu, being at deaths door, he was trying his best to overclock the robots and he failed. Don't be so hard on him. He had lower manipulation and consiousness. Still some overclockings went well…

  2. You can lock someone in the room with fridges and change the prioryty on all of them besides one than they will stack the food

  3. if you crash landed on a planet what are the odds your entire family is on said planet? like seems far fetched

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