2018 Hotel Transylvania 3 McDonald's Happy Meal Toys

Tweety nice hey guys today we have the full set of Hotel Transylvania 3 McDonald's Happy Meal toys super super awesome let's check it out let's see what we have inside our first box right up blobby luggage tag open and oh it comes with a Dennis sticker super awesome and we have our luggage tag we can put our name on here and here's a little clip on that we can hang and let's try to turn this on there's a little switch on the bottom and there we are let me turn off the light really quick so we can see this a little bit better look at that it lights up really really bright super cool let's grab our next toy our next toy is the track and family cruise we have our money Marie the mummy as a sticker and it is a cup look we have a family picture with everyone super awesome oh we have track as the lid super cool and then you can put the straw and up on top let's see did it come with the straw nope it's not so much a straw it's still super awesome let's see what else is inside this one is Winnie giggling back scratcher oh my goodness we have a back scratcher and we have wienie as a sticker and how does this giggle okay so this is actually pretty fun we have a back scratcher and it has pink nails on there oh my goodness and to make it giggle you shake it hear it the sound comes from these two holes on the bottom let's see what goes this one is Murray fashion glasses let's see we have Frankenstein and Eunice as the sticker and here are Murray's glasses they look like real glasses there's even lens in here super fun they are not sunglasses though they're just regular glasses now let's get the second box let's see what we have in sunny we have vacation travel tool alright hey is this a magnifying glass I think so pan we have bat Mavis so this is kind of fun it almost looks like a back scratcher with the hand here you can press this red button and let it wave at you or maybe it can act as an extra little hand help you carry something but you can also move this up push it up and the arm will extend so mean yeah maybe you can't use this as a backscratcher too but look at this right here there's a little switch to turn on and this becomes a flashlight you see that super cool plus you can use this magnifying glass hook it onto here and switch it out to look at something and magnify it so let's turn off this light really quick and you can do this let's see what can we look at magnify this it's a little hard for me to show you this on camera because it's not showing up too well but if you get this toy and you put it against something small it will magnify it and make it look bigger and this tool is also cool because it comes with a little hanger clip so that you can hang it on your backpack and carry it with you for traveling super fun let's see what else is there what is it ooh we have dressed mess involved what's our picture a picture or our sticker is of Drac in his vacation outfit here he is super cheesy smile and let's open it up who do we go inside yeah Mavis she's in her pretty dress super awesome yeah what else do we have so cute okay lots of fun nesting dolls and we can put little things inside our nesting dogs and nest it back together super cool let's see what there is we have wings of fashion glasses we have Murray's and now we have Wayne let's see how Wayne's looks like here is a Wayne sticker and here's a picture on the side of the glasses and here are the glasses from the back and this is how it looks from the front so you can look like ween fun let's put this over in the back and I think we have one more surprise this one is a vacation memories camera your see oh and we have Mavis as our sticker and let's take a look inside can you guys see okay so this is a little hard for you guys to see on camera but when you hold this up to your eye it is actually very very clear so I'm gonna try my best to show you guys this so this picture right here this is a camera and this is how it looks from the front we have webs and a bat looking like thing and then when you turn it around you put this little hole up to your eye you will see different pictures like this one is a Frankenstein and Eunice kind of blurry but when you put it up to your eye it it's not at all so on camera it is though cuz it's kind of hard for the camera to focus right in there so there's one picture and then our next picture is of Murray and then this one is oh can you guys make it out it looks like Mavis and Johnny you see his face you can actually see a lot more of them when you put your eye up to the camera too so make sure you're looking into that hole right there and here is Murray the mummy and we have blobby wearing some sunglasses you guys see that [Applause] and here's Dennis with his arms up in the air and who is this oh this is Drac you see that his big smile you guys have to trust me on this it will be so much more clearer when you put your eyes up to it so I think that's it right yeah now we're back to Eunice and Frankenstein so this one is actually very fun too well guys that's it for this video so let me know in the comments section what was your favorite Hotel Transylvania 3 Happy Meal toy Seagate say in the comments section thank you for watching a toy Cheney channel if you liked this video be sure to give it a thumbs up that lets me know to make more videos just like this for you click or tap on this video to watch it click or tap to subscribe it's free plus you get to see my latest videos and until next time be happy and keep smiling

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  2. When you said,' you can put your eye on it, you can see much clear picture…'
    LoL, my kid did stick his eye on the screen. He thought he can see the picture more clearly. LoL

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