14 thoughts on “[15] Public Washrooms & Reactor Room Digout | RimWorld 1.0 Atomic Robo-Hotel

  1. Why my guest is most likely be only one, is their a setting for it on how many your guest will come in your colony? Or this is just a bug

  2. for the outdoor lights, put a floor beneath them. You'll lose the weird corners, and it will look a bit more real

  3. Pots of stew are supper lavish and you'll burn through your ingredients fast and anyone will choose to eat that over other meals so you'll run out of them quickly and it'll look like you're not making it. It's good for making space in your freezer if you have both meats and veggies

  4. I'd suggest some kind of tile under the outside lamps, but it looks a bit weird adjacent the slate path. Unless you try the tile that runs along the river?

  5. Trash bins can be found in the ext. furniture tab after the "waste disposal" research is completed.
    They can save some time for your cleaning bots 🙂

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