12 Easy Food Recipes To Make At Home

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  1. To all my 100% loyal family (dad only)

    Oh and also I was thinking, right now I’m just starting to make money and all that, and when I get my next paycheck
    (most likely a lot of money well because with the help of my dad)

    I’m going to play dead frontier game and buy the weapons and armor.

    Another topic though “falling in love” is guess “dangerous for me in a way” since I’m a 4 I guess.

    But uhhh, I guess I’ll figure that one out in the future.
    Idk I i was thinking, does my profile picture really work for online dating? (Just a low-key thought)
    But if it doesn’t it doesn’t matter, since in terms of looks I’m the best there is was and ever will be (real life)
    I’ll just kick start it by approaching a girl in real life.
    (Well because I was in fact thinking about something yesterday and that was

    “Why fear rejection or any of that in general?”

    Since my actual worth and significances has ALREADY been proven “a infinite times” in my life to the point where
    “It pretty much has been established in stone aka A FACT”

    But also, though maybe it’s a social thing, well because I don’t have an urge to social. So yeah it does feel weird.

    (So maybe I could actually try posting my profile picture on a dating site?

    But yeah the idea is that at first “just any girl will do” since
    (And I know my dad (and no I’m not gay) like that one “rare” photo but still, I’m not photogenic and photos can NEVER show how I look like in real life) You get the idea.

    in terms of looks (face) I’m the best there is was and ever will be (real life).

    And then just have her “introduce me to other more attractive girls.

    And also this method
    Is a win-win-win since

    • I get to build a female support group
    • I get to get a female wingwoman to introduce me to other ESFPs and perhaps my future wife too.
    (I mean a wingwoman, can pretty much introduce me to “ANYONE”)
    (Oh and also, the “very important thing” about a “wingwoman” is that ESFP females tend to LOVE me. And if I get her to low-key fall in love with me (in the first few casual dates) (I’m a Sp/Sx I’m really good at getting girls to like me in in 1on1 (real life of course) and it’s something that i ALWAYS knew about myself. There’s this “charm” (purely personality)about me when it comes to 1on1 with girls I don’t know but it’s described as
    “passive cutest innocence?”
    (Well when it comes to XSFP’s)
    (Well also obviously because of my looks face, I’m the best there is was and ever will be) (real life)
    (But perhaps in this case I’m talking about both personality and looks.)

    And like when “I make that XSFP 2 dominates
    (and then 6’s 7’s and 8’s) girl”
    fall in love with me. She’ll be willing to do anything for me. Such as introducing me to her female friends or just helping me “pick up girls in general”.
    So yeah that’ll really help.

    And also,
    (I don’t know if I explained this before in the past, since I’ve made hundreds of posts.)

    But “the thing about the “charm” that I’m talking about.
    (And obviously it also has to do with my looks, which is in terms of looks face I’m the best there is was and ever will be (real life)
    But in regards to the “personality part”.
    (Or maybe it’s just because
    “all the girls I’ll met before
    (and that’s like a “infinitely since I’ve met so many” some I talked to and some I didn’t. But the idea is that they liked me and it’s obvious)
    tend to be ESFP 6w7 or 7w6 so/sx or sx/so’s and they just “fall in love very fast or something”)

    But anyways, the thing is.
    “My charms” starts when “I talk about myself”.
    Might be a 4w3 thing.(But obviously 684 since that is my full tritype)
    I’d describe it as
    ”Im overly emotional, with a 7ish vibe to it”
    And it’s like “in a way that specializes in eliciting empathy, from most 2’s and 4 dominates
    (maybe 4’s too, but 4’s are harder to spot really, since sometimes 2’s can also have that vibe of being “sensitive/emotional and withdrawn”
    (but of course that doesn’t mean they are 4’s, and most likely when I saw that behavior in middle-highschool in most likely ESFP 2’s
    it’s simply because they were scared, since like I said for XSFP’s in general physical attractiveness is intimidating)
    And the thing is.
    “Whenever I start to talking about myself”
    (It’s like) (4w3)
    I see myself in a stage, and I’m trying to impress people by being “very 4ish” very emotional but unique/different/deep.
    (And this is “just a 4w3 thing”, my full tritype is 684 and so I’m the “truth teller” and so ofc The isn’t just a stage, everything I say is true, well all the important stuff are aka 99%)

    But uh yeah
    (Like I said, obviously my looks face has like 99% to do with it too, since in terms looks face I’m the best there is was and ever will be (real life)
    However, the thing is I AM extremely confident that I could make an ESFP 268 maybe 7 fall in love with me in a 1 on 1 interaction.
    (And obviously this is also because I
    “pretty much make most XSFP 2’s , 4’s and 6’s girls fall in love with me first sight” since in terms of looks face, I’m the best there is was and ever will be) (real life)
    (But it’s also that because I am Sp/Sx, which is why I’m not confident in social situations, but when it comes to 1 on 1 where “the whole stage is mine” and I have her 100% undivided attention. Im pretty confident that I can make her fall in love with me)
    (But ofc “the TOPIC has to be an Sx topic” such as “intimate stuff” and not So topic such as
    “how was your day?”
    “Did you like the movie you saw yesterday”
    No not So “small talk”.
    It has to be “Sx intimate subjects”
    (or perhaps “deep” and Sx)
    such as
    (examples on a typical “first date”)
    “Let’s talk about your love life”
    “Your past and how you were raised, and why you think this relationship will work out” (between me and her ofc)
    “When you hear the word, loyalty, what’s the first thing you think of?”
    “What is your stance on morality, and what type of people do you generally like/ don’t like and why?”
    “What is your opinion on this romantic movie/drama? And how does it relate to you personally and why?

    And the thing is, actually even I myself don’t even know “the basis” for those questions. BUT the theory is that, it’s an SX thing.
    And Sx’s types are into the chemistry in intimacy and stuff of that sorts.
    Well “it’s not doubt that it’s an Sx thing” but it’s most likely also has to do with a 4.
    And I’d describe it as talking about

    “Deep stuff worthy of significance that matters”
    (from a 4’s point of view)

    Sorry I was getting fruits.

    And so yeah……. that’s the idea I guess.
    (But chances are that my charm is 99% my looks, since in terms looks face I’m the best there is was and ever will be( real life)

    And yeah, that should be the therapy session for tonight.

    (And when I get my money next week, I’m going to play dead frontier at night when I’m come home anyways, and some time before work of course and on off days too)
    (Oh but I’m “just saying”)
    (Of course I’ll be posting YouTube posts everyday and stuff)
    (Well to tell my dad my needs and what I need and stuff of that sorts)

    To (all my 100% loyal family) (dad only)
    Thanks for reading!

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  6. The stripper music is way too repetitive (unless she is hot and easy). Oh most of the food looks awesome!

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