100 Years Of Food Taste Test

Time to taste the past. Let’s talk about that.( theme music playing )Good Mythical Morning. Mythical beasts,
today keep those eyes peeled, like the Oscar-nominated
director of “Get Out,” because you’re
not gonna wanna to miss even a nanosecond
of today’s episode. We’ll be screaming and thrashing
while learning tantrum yoga.
Yes, that is a thing. And we’ll be exploring some
of the weirded subscription
boxes in the world. But first, did you know
that your parents, and even
your parents’ parents,
ate food? – Huh.
– It’s true. But what did they eat
and when did they eat it? It’s time for…( singing to the tune
of “The Time Warp”)
Mythical waiter Chase
is going to be presenting
with dishes that, per various food blogs
and websites, like foodnetwork.com
and Thrillist, were the most popular
American dishes – of those certain decades.
– Right. We’re going to taste the dish,
and then we are going to guess what decade
it was the most popular by indicating that on the
on the Mythical shuffleboard. And, of course, in every round, whoever is closest
to the correct decade wins, and you can knock
the other man’s plate around if you want,
if you’re going second, so there’s some strategy. Now, at the end of this,
the person who loses has to eat what we think
will be the most popular dish of the 2090s–
cockroaches. – Mm-hm.
– Let’s shuffle. Finally our meal. Hot plate. – Uh-huh.
– Hot plate. Right off the bat
we got some– Waiter touched me
on the shoulder. – Me, too.
– Nice touch. It appears that we have
some classic meatloaf and– Bacon wrapped. …some “spinage.” Oh, that’s good. I don’t need to eat this
and know what it is, but I’m just a little hungry. Whenever it started
being popular, it stayed popular
with me ever since. – Okay.
– All right. Now, Rhett, we’re going
to take our plates over here so as to shuffle them. Okay, Rhett, you are taller,
so why don’t you go first? Well, you also get the advantage
by going second, but it’s okay. We’ll change it up next time.
Now, meat like this– it definitely feels like
this is either the ’40s or any time after because before
that Second World War we didn’t eat a lot of meat but then we,
that Second World War, this just feels
like a ’40s thing. I’m– I’m going with ’40s. He’s going with ’40s. ( exhales ) – Link: Oh, right on the ’40s!
– ( Rhett laughs ) – Whoo! Nice!
– Now, the good news is you hit what you aim for.
The bad news is… – I’m wrong?
– …this classic dish is classic because
it’s been around since the turn
of the century, Rhett. I’m talkin’ 19-hunnerds. Rhett: Ugh. ( laughs ) Is that the 1900s back there uh, off of the board? What the crap? Man, my side’s too lubed up. ( chuckles )
Did you lube his side? – Stevie:No.
– Okay. All right, so what’s
the answer, Stevie?
Dang it.So that was liver loaf with
a side of buttered spinach.
– Liver loaf?
– And it was popular
in the 1940s. Hey! – Are you serious?
– Hey, man. You gotta give me
extra points for getting it right
and nailing it! But you hate liver and you
didn’t even know it was liver. I thought I’d be better
at this than darts, but, uh, there’s still hope. I’m going to calibrate. Not a lot of hope. What do we have here? I’m a little gun shy
to say it’s a sloppy Joe. after the liver mistake
last time. It’s a not that sloppy
sloppy Joe. In fact, it’s a sloppy Joe you can just pick up. Fries. Sloppy Joe. Very good.
Let’s take it over. Okay, so you can go second
this time– I mean, I can go second
this time. Yeah. Okay, now, sloppy Joe– ingredients that have
been around forever. But in that
particular format, the sloppiness
is what I’m talking about. When did the sloppy start? That’s the question. I’m torn between the ’70s or even as recent
as the ’80s. You know, that stuff started
plopping out of cans. Yeah. Yep. And then it got
really popular. Make your choice. Well, ’70s is way back there, and I’m liable to overshoot, so I think the ’80s
are speaking to me. Oh– well, maybe it is ’70s. You know what? I think it is ’70s. This was popular in the ’80s, but it just feels like it–
it was– this is the most popular thing
of the ’70s? I mean, of the decade? It’s gotta be the ’70s.
’80s was usurped with something else,
so I’m going ’70s. – Link: Oh! Dang it!
– ’80s! I hope it’s ’80s. So we both did the opposite
of what we wanted. What is it, Stevie?So it is a sloppy Joe,but it was the most popular
dish in the ’80s.
– ( laughing )
– Dang it! – Dang it! Seriously?
– I just can’t help but win. – Where are there darts?
– I mean, it’s just–
it’s just– I want the darts,
so I can throw them
at this guy. It’s in my blood.
I’m sorry. I’m sorry, man. I was–
I really– I was going
for the ’70s. Yeah, I know. Bon appétit. – Oh.
– What is this, man? I think they called this
chipped ham. Over toast with white gravy
and garden peas. Whenever it was popular, It didn’t–
It didn’t continue. Now, I like garden peas. Garden peas
are my favorite green thing… to eat. My favorite green thing
not to eat is just trees. Not bad. I don’t know
what this is, but… Doesn’t feel very modern. Must be old. Okay, Rhett, you’re up. Yep, okay, so the logic
on this one for me is that this is a time
of lean, you know, where you had to chip
the meat off. It was literally chipped ham. Ration it out. That could be the ’30s. because the ’30s
were such a tough time. But this could also be
the ’10s or the 1900s. I feel like,
if I aim for 1900s and try to get
a little bit in there and maybe get close
to the ’30s, I’ll position myself well, so I ‘m just kind of going
for the back of the board. You’re hedging. – Okay, all right.
– Hit the 1900s. I just can’t tell
if this is meek or rations. If it is, then yeah,
this is, like, ’30s. You left your spoon on there, but it’s too late
to take it off now. I’m going to se that spoon
to my advantage. A s a little extra weight. You know what I’m gonna do? You’re going to try
to dislodge me? I’m going to try to knock
you off the board entirely and then land up in the ’30s. Well, knowing me, you’ll just
push me into the right zone, so go for it. Knowing you. Link: Oh! – Oh.
– ( Rhett laughs ) – Well, we got peas everywhere.
– Sorry. – Sorry.
– And, if I’m not mistaken, my plate’s in exactly
the same place. What the hex?
I’ve been hexed. That’s what. Okay, what’s
the correct answer? I don’t even wanna know.Okay, so this is
creamed, chip beef–
chipped beef–– Chipped beef.
– Chipped beef.And it was…
( laughing )
the most popular dish
from the 1930s.
– Ah, yes.
– I was right! But it doesn’t matter! Not hungry anymore. You’re not enjoying yourself? Oh, my goodness. Well, has your appetite
changed now
after you’ve seen this? – What in the world?
– Link: That’ half
of a Jell-O bunt. Yeah, but it’s, uh– it’s savory. It smell– yeah, it smells… – It’s almost sour.
– …spicy. Ugh. It’s like a salad
of some kind, and there’s red pepper
in there. Look at– what? Oh, man, it’s like
vinegar Jell-O. It didn’t survive the decade. It’s not horrible. Except that it is horrible. Okay. Okay, so uh… I get to go second. How could this be the most
popular dish of– – Any time.
– Any time on any taste bud? ( sighs ) Oh, gosh,
I can’t win at this point. It’s three to zero. Well, you know what? I could be the gentleman, and I could say,
each of these last two rounds is worth two points a piece. If you win both of them,
you come back and crush me, four to three. I will graciously accept. Okay, all right. Okay, what decade did people
have stupid tastes? ( laughing ) Ah, man. Rhett: Spicy Jell-O. I can’t re–
I know we hit ’80s, ’30s, and then I think– I can’t even remember
the other thing you got right. ’40s or the 1900s?
I can’t remember. I like it that way… They didn’t have gelatin
in the 1900s. …you not remembering. I’m thinking
that this is the ’40s, and I’m hoping that that hasn’t
already been a correct answer. – Okay.
– I missed. I love that you are so bad
with numbers that you did not remember that we’ve hit the ’30s
and the ’40s already, and so that means that
we’re really playing this
left side of the board. I don’t know. I’m going to– Once again I’m going to aim for the 1900s. I’m going to try to land
between the 1910s
and the 1900s. – Link: He went off!
– ( Rhett groans ) So I think I win this round
no matter what, but what is– Uh, it’s all about who’s closer
to the correct decade, but let’s find out what it is.So, believe it or not,
the name of this dish
is Perfection Salad,and it was popularat the turn of the century.Link: 1900s. Rhett: Oh, okay.
You might be closer. That’s pretty close, man. But you went off the board.
I mean– I’m still on the board.
Look at the overhead shot. I’m still on the board. I think you might be closer. We need a measuring tape
to determine this round. Link: Okay, Chase,
from the edge of the plate to the edge of the 1900s box. – Who’s closer?
– All right.( drum roll )Rhett is closer
by half an inch. Whoo-hoo. Whoo! Yeah! I mean,
I’m sorry, man. You’re– you’re–
next time– “I’m sorry, man!”
( mock laughing ) – Next time we’ll give you
a couple of–
– ( cue stick clatters ) …couple of chances. You know what? I’m drying my eyes. I’m turning over a new leaf. My self worth is not defined
by my ability to play
shuffleboard. That’s true, Link. And so I’m just– I’m just in this
for the fun of it. Yeah, you look
like you’re having– – I like cockroaches.
– …a great time. I’m going to eat one.
Now this– You like fondue? That is what this is.
Isn’t it? Oh, you were gonna– I thought this was
clam chowder for a second, but then I saw that there
were apples and cheese. Mm, look at that. – Mm.
– And I’m– What is this,
like a martini? It is a martini. Not just like one. All right, cheesy fondue. Gonna be some danger
in shuffling this. I gotta put this glass
in the cup? – Leave it.
– Okay. Now, there’s an added element
of danger here because there is
a lit candle in here. – Rhett: Yeah, fire.
– This is a fire hazard. Also, this thing’s
a little top heavy. – Uh–
– Yeah, very heavy. Okay, so I go first this time, but, I mean,
you really can’t win. I could say this last round’s
worth six points, but that just seems like pity
at this point. That will be okay, though. If– what if I nail it, the correct answer
on the board, then I get six points, and you just have to eat
the cockroach with me? Well– oh, so you’re still
going to each the cockroaches? Yeah, I’ll eat it. So I still win, but I’m eating
a conciliatory cockroach. – Yes.
– If you land
on the right decade. – Okay.
– Yes. I’m going to pick the ’70s
for this one because ’70s feels
like the wild time when you were
willing to say that dipping other foods
into cheese was your favorite meal. – You know?
– A very trendy thing. The ’80s are taken. Yeah, I mean, this isn’t
a ’90s thing. Right? I mean, it could be the ’90s, but feel confident
about the ’70s, but I don’t feel confident
about this lit bulb that is about to be
propelled down the board. – Link: Oh!
– Oh, I’m in! – You are but–
– I’m in the ’70s. You are touching ’70s. Now, do I agree with you
that it’s the ’70s? Let me tell you,
if I’m right, here’s the thing–
here’s the thing. You can use my bowl
to stop your plate and land on the ’70s, ensuring
that you’re on the ’70s. Like, you can’t overshoot
the ’70s because I got this thing
in the sand over there. Or you could go
balls to the wall and go ’90s. You know what? In the ’90s at the FLL dance, you know, where me
and Sarah-John went? We went… – To The Melting Pot.
– …to The Melting Pot – fondue place.
– Yes. And it w– boy, it was
a popular time to do that. Yep. Mm-hm. It’s the ’90s. Oh! Too much. – Rhett: Ah…
– Dang it. – Well, it’s–
– All right,
what ‘s the right answer? Maybe fondue was popular
in the ’30s. We don’t know.Okay, so cheese fondue
and a martini
was most popular in the ’70s.( Link growls ) Sorry, man. All right, bring
those cockroaches over. I will gladly eat them ’cause I’m a man of the future! This is not a cockroach. This is a cockroach planet. It’s huge. You know, I’d love to– I’d love to enjoy
one of those with you. but I just can’t
because I won every round. ( growls ) – You know what?
– Yeah. I’m leaving you in the past, and I’m gladly headed
to the future. ( Rhett laughs ) You could’ve just faked
that that went in
and started chewing, but I saw that it– It got hung– It got hung on the– – Oh! It landed in–
– Hey. Drink it on down, son. I like cockroaches
better than a martini. – Oh, my gosh.
– ( mutters ) Ah, how does it feel
to be in the– – ( gagging )
– …in the 2090s? It’s soft in the middle. Is that where
the gag came from, – when the softness came in?
– Yeah! – ( gags )
– You know what, Link?
You know what? I can get you
some shuffleboard lessons You know what?
I could probably give you some
shuffleboard lessons. ( gagging, spitting ) Any time you want
any pointers or any tips, I’m very happy to offer them. You’re such a kind friend and such a great person
to be around all of the time. Keep watching to see us
scream and shout as we release our inner child – in tantrum yoga.
– I tried. Rhett:Just because
you missed us on tour
doesn’t mean you have
to miss the tour poster.
Get your Tour Of Mythicality
Poster online
at mythical.store.

100 thoughts on “100 Years Of Food Taste Test

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