10 SCARIEST Haunted Hotels You DON'T Want to Visit!

– When you think of
hotels, you most likely think of a place of peace,
somewhere where you can rest your head and dream easily. However, sometimes those
dreams become nightmares. Here are the 10 scariest haunted hotels you don't want to visit. Number 10 is Ballygally Castle. Situated at the head of Ballygally
Bay in Northern Ireland, Ballygally Castle is truly
a hotel from the past. It's the only structure in the country from the 17th century that
people still reside in. Built by James Shaw in
1625, the castle remained in the Shaw family for 174 years, until it was sold by William Shaw in 1799. During that time, several
Shaws met their ends within Ballygally's walls, most
notably Lady Isabelle Shaw, who died after she fell
from an upper window while trying to escape the room in which her own husband imprisoned her. Today, she haunts the hotel, knocking on doors and disappearing
when people open them. Seemingly playful, she's been
labeled by guests and staff as friendly, though
feeling her cool presence before drifting off to sleep
still gives many chills. While other ghosts also haunt Ballygally, the most eerie disturbance
is the translucent green mist that often appears above the building. Number nine is Dragsholm Slot. Constructed in the 12th
century, Dragsholm Castle, better known in Danish as Dragsholm Slot, currently serves as a hotel for visitors in Zealand, Denmark. For a time, the castle was
used as a prison for nobles whose actions insulted the king. Many of those who died
within the stone walls are said to still be there,
appearing as translucent entities, creating cold spots or moaning and chanting Catholic phrases. There are three apparitions
who appear more than any other, a mysterious woman in white,
a similar woman in gray, and the ghost of James Hepburn,
the fourth earl of Bothwell. Lord Bothwell died while
chained to a pillar in the castle in April of 1578, and has since been seen
riding through the courtyard with a horse and carriage. In total, it's believed that
there are over 100 ghosts that regularly haunt Dragsholm Slot. Not exactly a place that you'd
want to bring the family to. Number eight is The Mermaid Inn. With a name like The Mermaid Inn, you'd probably expect
this historical building to be fun and magical, with a
warm, Atlantis-style feeling. Unless, of course, you're
aware of the sinister history and the spirits that reside in it. Built in 1420, this
hotel's ghostly occupants seem to have their own room. In room one, a woman in
gray and white garments has been seen sitting in
a chair by the fireplace, and if anyone leaves clothing
near that spot overnight, they will be found soaked the next day, despite there being no
pipe or window nearby. In room 10, there's the
ghost of a man who enjoys startling people by walking
directly through the walls. Then there's room 17,
which contains the spirit of the wife of a gang
leader who died there. At night, guests have
reported experiencing extreme chills, even under covers, and waking suddenly when a
rocking chair near the bed began swaying back and
forth all by itself. (screams) Number seven is Pensione Burchianti. First opened in 1919,
the Pensione Burchianti in Florence, Italy is a hot
spot of paranormal activity. Originally owned by three
sisters whose spirits still roam the hallways,
this three-star hotel offers affordable luxury
with a side of terror. Guests have reported feeling
a presence watching them, experiencing sudden drops in
temperature or cold spots, and even feeling icy cool
breath on their backs and faces while in bed. Several people have reported
seeing a pink translucent apparition floating about while
in the hotel's Fresco room, or a ghostly little girl
giggling while she tries to play with them in the
hallways outside their rooms. There's even multiple
reports of ghosts laying on sleeping guests, with some waking up with extreme pressure on their chest. In one case, a woman woke
to find a face's imprint on the cheek of her
husband who was sleeping. Pensione Burchianti is
considered one of the most haunted places in all of Europe. Number six is Bourbon Orleans Hotel. Originally built as a theater in 1815, the Bourbon Orleans Hotel
or Theater d'Orleans, as it was originally
called, was a popular place on Bourbon Street and still
stands in the French Quarter of New Orleans, Louisiana, United States. This hotel has kept much
of the same style and decor from the 1800s and perhaps
that's one of the reasons visitors seem to not like leaving, even after death. Many people have died within the building and on the grounds outside
due to yellow fever, duels to the death, and of course murder. There are dozens of ghosts
that have been reported being seen there, but the
most common Bourbon Orleans apparitions include a
group of orphan children who lost their lives to yellow fever, a wounded confederate
soldier who drags himself clumsily down the hallways,
or a woman in a flowing gown, usually seen dancing in the ball room with an invisible partner, a stark contrast to the usually
jolly feel of New Orleans. Number five is Karosta Prison Hostel. Built between 1890 and 1906
near the Baltic Sea in Latvia, the Karosta was a naval
base and military prison that today serves as a historical hotel. Guests are literally treated as if they're prisoners of war and are
processed as if they were in World War II, sleeping on cement floors and are unable to leave until morning. But if cold stone floors
and harsh guards aren't off-putting enough, the
complex is also one of the most haunted places in all of Latvia. It's no wonder considering
the thousands of prisoners and soldiers that lost their lives there, but the ghost that's
most often encountered is actually that of a woman
who hanged herself and spends eternity walking,
blank-faced among the corridors. Multiple visitors reported
footsteps being heard, doors opening and closing
seemingly by themselves, and light bulbs being
unscrewed by an invisible hand. This is a hotel truly not
for the faint of heart. Number four is the Fairmont Banff Springs. Originally constructed in
1888 and rebuilt in 1928, the Fairmont Banff Springs
Hotel is nestled in among the Rocky Mountain range
in Banff, Alberta, Canada. Widely considered to be one
of the most haunted places in the entire province,
many guests have experienced paranormal activity while staying there, and not all of it was harmless. Guests in room 873 were startled awake by the disembodied screams
of a family that was rumored to have been
murdered in that room, and it's said you can no
longer stay in that room. Then there's room 692,
where a restless spirit is said to pull pillows out
from under sleeping guests, and even push them out of
bed when the mood strikes it. But the most famous ghosts
are those of Sam Macaulay, a bellman who died in 1975 and still helps guests with their luggage, and the bride, a young woman
who died on her wedding night and goes up and down the stairs,
still in her white dress. Number three is Airth Castle. Airth Castle has a long history, dating all the way back to 1488, when its rebuilding began
after a previous version was destroyed in King James III's defeat. Located in Falkirk, Scotland
overlooking the village of Airth, this historical stone building, which was once owned by the
family of Robert the Bruce, was converted into a
hotel and event center. But if you're planning on
having your wedding there, you should be warned that
a few uninvited guests have been known to pop up in your photos. An alarmingly large number
of visitors have reported strange figures appearing in
their wedding photographs, and many have heard or seen strange things happening at night while staying there. The ghosts of a nanny and two children, all of which died in a fire at the castle, are the most commonly encountered and guests in rooms 3, 4, 9, and 23 often hear the sounds of children playing right beside them while they sleep. Number two is the Stanley Hotel. Opened July 4th, 1909 in Colorado, the Stanley Hotel offers
its guests more than a beautiful panoramic view
of the Rocky Mountains. With 420 rooms, the hotel can
hold a great number of guests, though some of them
have never checked out. Fortunately for the living guests, the ghosts that haunt the Stanley Hotel are almost always friendly,
though their sudden appearance and antics often
terrify unsuspecting visitors. The building's original
owner, Freelan Oscar Stanley, can be spotted walking the lobby, even in the middle of the day, while his wife Flora has a
taste for playing the piano suddenly in the music room. Elizabeth Wilson, the
late chief housekeeper, will even unpack guests' bags if they happen to stay in room 217. It's not surprising to learn
that this was the hotel that was Stephen King's
inspiration for the Overlook Hotel, the central location in his 1977 best-selling novel The Shining. Watching that movie will give
you just a bit of an idea of how terrifying this hotel is. And number one is Langham Hotel. Considered England's first grand hotel, the Langham Hotel in
London was built in 1865 and has a number of ghosts haunting it. It even boasts its own room, 333, as the most haunted hotel room in London, if not all of the UK. Spirits that call the Langham home include a doctor and his wife,
who the doctor murdered in the building while on their honeymoon. Another is a tall unidentifiable man with a large hole in his face. A poltergeist who wakes
people by literally throwing them from their bed, and of course the most
famous of all of the ghosts, Emperor Napoleon III. The doctor appears only in October and manifests as a silver-haired gentleman who stares with blank, creepy eyes, while Napoleon is only
seen in the basement, and the faceless man
sticks to the hallways. But the most active
ghost is a German prince who took his own life by jumping
out of a 4th-story window and appears most often in the morning. So if you ever want to stay in a hotel and be surrounded by unexpected guests, this hotel is for you. But that's all for this episode, I really hope you guys enjoyed it. On the right you'll find
two of my most recent videos that you can press or click
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see you in the next video. Sweet dreams.

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