10 Must-Try Food in Tokyo Japan

[Music] if you have only one male in Tokyo ready to be ramen that is unless you don’t like noodles you can find good ramen shops all around this country but we think total has the best ramen is so popular here that the other even theme parks devoted to Rama Solomon used to be the most appropriate type in Tokyo but nowadays other types of ramen such as tonkatsu is even more popular so it’s getting more difficult to find simple Shah Alam and these days my favorite in stone quarry but I like almost any type of crime as long as it’s good ramen check out our llama hunt playlist for some of our recommendations oh let me get back to my ramen [Music] look at that so this is a hundred sixty n that’s not bad gonna put this whole thing of a mouth if you come all the way to Japan you’ve got to try some sushi you get the real deal here you simply won’t get better sushi anywhere else in the world from conveyor belt sushi to high-end restaurants you have a lot to choose from my favorite one is Orbitz maguro tuna it’s so good it really is I always have to start sushi with Makoto I also like to continue with a CUDA some of my other favorites are like you not eat sushi which is super easy and simple and is recommended for vegetarians I also like Sam wants to see salmon sushi that one’s good too whatever you do don’t miss sushi and Tokyo bread in Japan why not if you’ve never had Japanese but before we think it’s actually a must the Japanese bread might be different from what you’re used to but we think they are delicious there are so many bakeries Autobot Tokyo if you don’t know what to get get them all actually an easier way is to check out our videos on Japanese bread and see which ones appeal to you during the warmer months what I love to do is to go to a park such as Shinjuku Gyoen park and I like to have solo picnics there I really do I just love it by the way one of my favorite Japanese bread is melon pot which I’m eating right now I’m eating AMPA Japanese traditional ha [Music] sure you probably had tempera back home but unless you had really good tempura you haven’t really had tempura when it’s done right it should be light crispy not greasy whatsoever the light batter should let the ingredients shine through but one word of warning once you had good interior you’ll never be able to go back where the tempura is really good they totally defined terms of junk one for reasonable tempura we recommend tenía a tempura restaurant chain found all over Japan for better high-end tempura my favorite is Ken Cooney located in Ginza but can also be found in various department stores and other places tonkatsu is breaded pork color and is usually at the top of the list for best loved dishes among foreigners oh I love Duncan my favorite one I know he especially loves tonkatsu good tone cuts it shouldn’t be greasy and it should be just right and crispy on the outside but great thing about tonkatsu is that it’s reasonably priced and can be found everywhere in the city I recommend a tank called the wok oh they give you the unlimited shred of the cabbage and rice and miso soup as much as you want so if you’ve never had tonkatsu and you’re in the city of Tokyo we definitely recommend going to walk hole it just so happens to be one of your favorite tonkatsu restaurants so try it desserts are huge here in Japan of course it’s easy to find your traditional Japanese sweets like Wagga Shi for example but there are also many really excellent pastry shops that make amazing Western cakes all the big names in pastry have opened up shop here in Tokyo but if you want to try something uniquely Japanese make sure to try one of the japanese-style Western cakes such as the ever-popular strawberry shortcake if you don’t like fruits there are other selections you can choose from what sets Japanese desserts apart is that they are never overly sweet and because of this it’s easy to eat a whole slice all by yourself three cakes all by myself cakes are my life don’t judge oh what’d you get I got omurice Saturday or a salad that’s so interesting but from Family Mart again yes here in Japan you have to try to food from coming in store I’m serious you know he’s absolutely right the quality and the variety of food you can purchase here at convenience stores is out of this world they’re usually open 24 hours and they’re located all over the city so that means you’re never really far away from good food breakfast check lunch check Dena check afternoon tea of course now I’ve heard a lot of visitors to Japan eat three meals a day from convenience store and I think that’s kind of going too far because there’s a lot other things they can eat in the city but it’s totally possible and when I’m out of town he does that all the time Beauty man I’m hungry what are we having for dinner can we have curry tonight I’m sorry I’m making curry right now you’ve heard of Coco curry right if you haven’t do yourself a favor go watch a Coco curry video and educate yourself on one of the most ultimate Japanese comfort food ever Japanese curry is something that we grow up with all Japanese people love this dish and when you’re here in Tokyo you definitely have to try it at least one time if you’ve never tried Japanese curry before you’re in for a pleasant surprise or at least we hope you like it it’s completely different from other curries such as Thai curries or Indian curries in addition to Coco curry which everyone seems to know about we definitely recommend to our other places such as Cece curry and gogo curry these three places are my favorites how about a new place that just opened down the street and how about that’s a place in Shibuya I haven’t the place we go to a grocery eat I hunt the place and how about that I hunt the place and how Kampai when it’s just the two of us we usually like to chill out at home but with friends we like to go out and most of the time we end up going to some place called an izakaya which is a Japanese style pub izakayas a great because you can sample a variety of dishes as everything is served family-style for me I like the variety of drinks that they serve and the prices are super reasonable drink sections usually include cocktails sake and the Japanese favorite such as too high as you guys know I don’t usually drink but when I do go out I sometimes have something called we miss you which is plum wine it’s not too strong and it’s a sweet drink I love it I’ve already started here the menu is huge with all the Japanese favorites like Japanese fried chicken yakitori and sashimi and it’s fun to try as many items as you can he’s a connoisseur always laid-back in super casual which is why we like them so much and weekends are always crowded so if you do go on a weekend we recommend that you make reservations before you go or she [Music] finally don’t miss trying out some of the street food here in Tokyo for example in Asakusa here are tons of selections to choose from some of these things are things you shouldn’t miss such as this giant melon pot when did you get that always assume I have melon pan when in Asakusa from the famous ninja yaki cakes to the giant melon pan that I got from savory items to sweet treats you gotta try some if you haven’t seen our epic Asakusa food street video yet check it out by clicking right over there oh wow where did you get that dongle always assume I have down low when I am a hawk so now I know we said 10 but I had to include one more place if you have time and want to try a real local restaurant run by the cutest Japanese couple come and visit totally located in Nagata which is just a short 15 minute ride from shinjuku totality focuses on Youku which is Japanese western food and by the way is a legit form of Japanese cuisine now what makes this place special though is that there are many changes a few times a year to reflect their love for world cuisine in fact they traveled twice a year to study and experience other food cultures to bring them back so that their customers can enjoy them here in Tokyo we do have a dedicated video of the place so if you’ve missed that one check it out right over there well that’s our list for you we hope you enjoyed this video and share it with your friends who are visiting this amazing city please give us a thumbs up leave us your comments and if we missed anything leave it down in the comment section below after we meet again happy eating bye you [Music]

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  1. Drats, this video made me hungry, but it’s bedtime now. But seriously, thanks for all the wonderful recommendations! Such a good guide!

  2. Love you both! I am now hating myself so much less for avoiding monjya-yaki like the plague. You two live in Tokyo and didn’t even hint at its existence. Bless You!

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  4. I ate all of these 10, my 2 visits to Tokyo in 2001. I ate the best food of my life, and then some! I’m not a huge sushi fan, but enjoy sashimi quite a bit. My husband wanted to take the CoCo Curry challenge, and get the biggest, hottest plate of curry they sold! He ended up failing big-time on it, but it was a great memory for us!
    I regret not eating a few things, I wish I had the courage to back when I was there. I wished I’d tried whale at least once; and we sat down at a little grill/bar that opened up at 4pm, to 12 midnight. They only served pig intestines! It smelled so good, but I wimped out.
    Japan has the best food, and I’m hoping to go back someday soon.Idatakimasu! 🍜🍱🍚🍡

  5. This video was a pure pleasure to watch, super interesting, really funny and full of amazing food. Your advices are great, thank you so much for making it, it seems like you were a little more casual and relaxed ii thus one, making funny jokes, just adorable. Wish you a wonderful time oh and I missed to comment on the Sakura blosson Picknick one, I had to share with all my friends it was such a great video and I got so many positive happy feedback, so thanks from all of them too. I was so happy to see you took the time and go out watch the blossoms even you are so busy. Lovely greetings from Switzerland where nature wakes up now too ^^/

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  11. Back from Japan! A-MA-ZING country!!! And I was lucky enough to see so many sakura in full bloom. <3 About food, I specially loved the sakura mochi with the salted sakura leaf. When it comes to savoury dishes, I really liked the udon I had for breakfast and also the nikuman. 🙂

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  21. A thing about Japan that people should know, although there is no tipping. Theres seating charges for places that serve alcohol…. Q_Q we made the mistake, should have just gone to a convenient store…..

  22. I love this one! Very light and entertaining. Makes me drool again for the foods in Japan definitely the ramen was my absolutely favorite. Devastated that the ramen here in the states can never come close 😫😭

  23. Great video guys 🙂 im learning how to cook properly lots of japanese dishes, im so good a japanese friend told me i cook like okasan hehehe

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  25. What I NEED to eat when I go to Tokyo is, ichigo daifuku, tonkatsu, curry and dango dipped in plum jam 😍😍😍 without it, there´s no reason to go 😂 and let´s not forget about shabu shabu and yakuniku

  26. Los Angeles has Little Tokyo and I love going to the plaza to get Tapioca Bread Rolls. Super crunchy outside and super chewy and green inside haha its good. Earthy and sweet.

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  28. I looooove almost all the foods from Japan. The only food that I won't eat is curry cuz it gives me headache.

  29. Hi Tabi-san, passed through Tokyo briefly in June, 1970, on our way to Osaka to visit the World Fair. Guess you were not born then! Japan was a very different place, too. Not quite as yuppified as now!! Stayed at Akasaka Prince and Akasaka Tokyu, did not feel they were super-expensive then. Perhaps they are now out of reach of middle-class tourists? But did not know anything about the usual tourist scene;more interested in rural Japan, agricultural Japan, plant and fruit breeding, which. unfortunately, did not get to see at all. Now, never will.

    Anyway, most memorable food in Tokyo was at a restaurant named Chinzan-so: sort of teppanyaki, but NOT the weird style common in the USA. Very restrained, and totally superb. Shiitake, eggplant, etc. roasted on iron plate by hostess, dipped in superb soy sauce or tare, did not know which, and served on exceptional rice. Wish I could recreate the same! Very simple, but extraordinary, to my taste.

    And tempura, and fried chicken, Very good, so greaseless, so full of fresh taste, difficult to accurately convey. No sushi, et. al. Don't eat any raw fish, so safer to stay away when language is a barrier! But superb o-sembei, handmade, glazed with a sweet shoyu

    The only "Japanese" ramen i ever tasted was in NYC, at Dosanko Larmen in the early 80s, just to see what it was! Pretty OK!! Maybe you will laugh!

    Speaking about laughing, I watch a few Japanese cooks [and chefs] messing around with sauteed onions, ginger, "garam masala" [ contents not specified], etc. believing they are making a more "authentic" Japanese style "curry" and I blanch.

    Some of them even openly state that they are trying to get closer to the "Indian" "original" and that makes me blanch some more!

    Experimentation and innovation to suit one's taste buds is always the way to go, BUT this whole business of generic garam masala and absence of understanding of what the foundational bases of meat cookery are in India, leave me wondering.

    You are both trained professionally and would be loathe to cut corners. Japanese are skilled perfectionists, especially where mastering various cuisines are concerned.

    French haute cuisine, for example, has some basic master sauces, upon which many others are created.

    Likewise, in India, North Indian Muslim/ Mughlai/Afghan/Avadhi meat cookery each have distinct flavor palettes and distinct set of bases for meat cookery, and these are set apart from Punjabi Hindu meat cookery, and other types of meat cookery across the North Indian plain, right through Bengal and Assam. Peninsular India, i.e. the south and west, are remarkably complex in their regional and local variations.

    India is like 29 major countries and 3000 separate groups each with very distinct cooking patterns. These are now coalescing into a huge jumble, owing to the rapid modernization, urbanization, and a whole set of sociological changes in the past 30-40 years that are accelerating and changing forever the nation's former patterns of eating and cooking for all time. Just as Japan's patterns of cooking and eating also have been radically changed forever since the 50s. So complicated, and it is hardly possible to make extract any "sense" out of India. That makes it so much fun!

  30. You talk only about Japanese fast food and street food… except Izakaya.

    Why don't you introduce genuine basic Japanese set meal like Teishoku
    or authentic Kaiseki cuisine or Kappo cuisine ?

  31. These are my favorite videos from you guys. I like the try foods from other countries…and I like travel videos as well. But, the videos where you guys showcase and explain japanese culture/foods are the ones i like best.

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  33. I'm so happy that I found you. Can't stop watching your Videos!
    I hope someday I will have enough Money and Time to visit Japan!

    Thank you for your great impressions!

    Lots of Love from Germany!

  34. いいねー美味しいそうsubscribe しましたよ 私のチャネルもsubscribe よろしくお願いします🤲

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