【MUKBANG】 Bacon & Sunny Side up Egg Rice Bowl PART2![500g Bacon & 12Eggs] 5kg 7578kcal[CC Available]

Hello its Kinoshita Yuka (Eng subs by ~Aphexx)
(Change font size color and transparency via options menu) So, today! tadaa I’ve made a sunny side egg w/ Bacon bowl
(Change font size color and transparency via options menu) I’ve done a vid on something like this before but
that time I sunny siiiiiiiii~~~~~~ I only had like 6 or 10
~wait… how many eggs did I use?~ well the amount of eggs and bacon I used in that video were
much less than I used today and there was a bunch of empty spaces leftover in the bowl
and it kept tormenting me …. I wanted to try again with extra bacon and eggs
~which are foods I love~ and I made some extra salad and some miso soup here
its so simple and easy to make yet super delish! alrighty lets go see how its made cut the bacon into easy to eat pieces fry in a pan
I’ve split it all up into thirds once the bacon is cooked fry the eggs sprinkle plenty of black pepper
lid and cook till it develops a slight film on top look at all this delish looking bacon fat and once done stack on top of the rice
including the bacon drippings drizzle some soy sauce on top it should look something like this tadaa the dish is completed whoa… so heavy today I’ve made 7 cups of rice
itadakimasu breaking open the eggs is my fav part ahhh looks so delish ahh they’re so good
the black pepper looks nice the yolk is so rich and delish
the bacon is nice and crisp and the spicy black pepper is good bacon is the bestest now for the salad
~eating salad? good girl~ a japanese style dressing ahh bacon is the bestest
all this bacon truly brings me such joy I used about 1kg of bacon here ahh so good the soy sauce goes so great with this
even without the bacon the egg and rice with soy sauce would be great this miso soup bacon and rice gives this whole meal a
breakfast like feel ~I believe it would be a perfect for the morning~ this time around I’ve used 12 eggs
12 eggs gives you ~~~~ the opportunity to enjoy breaking yolks like this
~so much fun~ last piece of bacon and egg itadakimasu all done
gochisosamadeshita the suny side egg with bacon bowl was so delish
bacon is best enjoyed in large portions well the same goes for eggs as well
~omg there is a grain of rice left~ sunny side eggs have the white portion all firm and cooked while
the yolk remains runny and it goes perfectly with rice it was also nice to have a hit of black pepper as well
its got such a nice aroma it was so easy to do and won’t you all give it a try?
and as always thanks for watching and if you liked this video please hit the like and subscribe buttons BAI BAI

99 thoughts on “【MUKBANG】 Bacon & Sunny Side up Egg Rice Bowl PART2![500g Bacon & 12Eggs] 5kg 7578kcal[CC Available]

  1. 卵好きだからこんなに食べられるの本当に羨ましいです…!胃を1日でもいいから交換したい😂

  2. Bu altyazı koyan kişinin bu kıza garazi var galiba kızı gömüşte gömmüş 😶 yazık kızda anlamıyor garibim😽😼😼

  3. 金を稼ぐ為には

  4. 倍速という名の魔法で早送りされているときの、

  5. 木下ゆうかさんの動画を寝る前に見て次の日何食べようって考えるのが最近の日課です( ⁎ᵕᴗᵕ⁎ )❤︎

  6. 이 영상을 시청한 뒤 1lb(454g) 베이컨 & 계란 8개 투입. 후식으로 키위 2개 & 허니듀 메론 1/4조각. 맛있게 먹었다.Good old classic style.

  7. こんなに食べられるのは確かに凄いことですが、こんなに食べないとお腹一杯になれないのですか?!

  8. 最近真似して、余り作りたくない時は、これを作ります🎵

  9. 일본은 아이돌이나 일반인이나 외모가 다를 바가 딱히 없는 것 같당 키노시타 밥 먹는 거 기여어

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