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37 thoughts on “तुरई की सब्ज़ी | TURAI KI SABZI | VILLAGE FOOD | VILLAGE COOKING | RECIPE | ASMR

  1. نظافة المكان من نظافة قلبها بتجنن ضحكة الاطفال بتسعد كل قلب حزين يارب يديم لكل ام ابنها ويبلغها فيه لسى الدنيا فيها خير كثير❤️

  2. Sat Shri Akal Biji. 🙏. I request all the guys who are working with biji please come in front of the camera. You guys do a lot of hard work behind the scenes. We only see biji but not you.

  3. Guys 1req please try to travel some were else and feed food other poor kids poor family to❤️❤️❤️

  4. آنِيَ مًنِ يَوٌمً آلَيَ شُفُتٌ قُنِآتٌهّ آتٌحًمًسِ وٌکْمًتٌ مًنِ آطِبًخِ لَلَهّلَيَ آطِبًخِ آهّوٌآيَ عٌشُآنِ آعٌطِيَ لَلَدٍآر رعٌآيَهّ آلَفُقُرآء يَآربً يَآربً يَآربً آعٌطِيَهّ

  5. those who put dislike do not have a sh*t to do I know there is instead of help they come to break my b*lls

  6. فدوة لكلبج حجيه الله لايضيع تعبج بحق محمد وال محمد امووووت عليج والله انتي ملاك نازل من سماء فدوة لعمرج😙😙😙

  7. حجيه فدوه يروحلج امير بروز وسحس وكل واحد يسوي تحديات ويلعب بنعمه الله على الاقل انتي تساعدين الفقراء

  8. i love your channel. it's very heartwarming and inspiring. wishing granny a great health. love seeing her cook. 🙂

  9. I have a question for you… First of all, I really acknowledge and appreciate your work towards those children who are underprivileged and don't have the opportunity to eat such kind of food. My question is what do you do when your food supplies are finished and some children are still standing in the queue?

  10. ستي شكد انتي طيبه فدوه لله اريد قلب💖 منج اشلون اكو عرب بلفيدوووو

  11. Jb aap gareebon ko khana dete ho na jb muje bahut acha lgta hai…..

  12. I want this grandma . She can make everything. How come she is such an expert. Where has she learnt so many things from?is it poss to meet her.

  13. أحب ما هذه السيدة المذهلة وأكثر من ذلك لأن هذا الشخص يعطي الطعام للأطفال أمر مدهش

  14. Love❤love❤love❤love❤love❤love❤love❤love❤love❤love❤love❤love❤love❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤💐💐💐💐

  15. كون غير جيت في خدمتهم معكم تقبل الله منكم فرحتهم بالاكل حسبنا الله

  16. شكد صبوره مبين عليه لئن ماتهم بل تعب ربي يحفضج للفقراء يابعد روحي

  17. Hi granny! I really like your job, I'll be a good person like you, i wanna help more people. I like children too, so i'm glad when seeing their children in your videos. You always be blessed.

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